The Drop Your Drink team has been planning an assassination of Drop Your Drink for the past few months and it has finally taken place on 2016’s Leap Day. Drop Your Drink is dead and we’d like to introduce you to Drop Your Drink’s replacement, Our Friends.

Drop Your Drink hit a stalemate during last year’s #FeesMustFall protests. We wanted to cover the protests for ourselves instead of reading biased media from newspapers and Twitter but we soon discovered that the #FeesMustFall stories had no place on Drop Your Drink. We still put up our coverage but this sparked an idea to create something which could feature current Drop Your Drink content and include a space to engage with African youth about issues affecting us.


Our Friends hangs onto Drop Your Drink’s focus on music and photography but picks up design, social responsibility and think pieces. We believe that you can do good while having fun. Our Friends suggests community and being able to do awesome stuff together. We want to cultivate these ideas across Africa. We want to get to know you and the amazing things that you do.

I’m having a horribly sentimental moment thinking about Drop Your Drink’s journey. In all this, I never thought about how attached I would become to it, how it would form parts of my identity and how I would get to walk this journey with my best friends. I want to share some behind-the-scenes memories of the Drop Your Drink team as we’ve been out on our adventures together. We’re family in the coolest sense.

We will miss Drop Your Drink as it was but we’re excited for our new journey with you all. Thank you for dropping drinks with us and thank you for being Our Friends.

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