It’s no secret that Foals have cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. They’ve grown from playing Skins parties and house parties in their early days to having sold out shows all over the States and the UK and headlining spots at major festivals. In 2013 they released a live DVD, directed by Dave Ma, comprising of material of their Antidotes, Total Life Forever and Holy Fire. They’re playing RAMfest JHB on Friday night, and RAMfest Cape Town on Saturday night. This is what we’re guessing their setlist is gonna look like.

1. Prelude
The opening track off Holy Fire serves as a warm up for the show, with a steady build up and a proper good breakdown, setting the foundation for what is expected to be a killer show.

2. My Number
The unashamedly groovy bass line of this radio hit is bound to be one of the opening tracks.
‘You don’t have my number / We don’t need each other now.’
Make sure you’re familiar with the chorus.

3. Blue Blood
This song, being one of the singles off Total Life Forever, is a prominent feature in all their sets since they released it. Layered lyrics reeking of guilt and longing, over another funked up bass line will definitely get you dancing.

4. Bad Habit
Their fourth single off Holy Fire has enough angst to turn you into an existentialist. Relatable lyrics like, ‘I’m a bad loser / When you get your way,’ is a great way to bond with the crowd.

5. Late Night
This is a slow, but heavy song. Weighted with some more angst, mixed with regret. Good for changing gears when you’re playing a festival. It’s gonna be a stunner.

6. Red Sock Pugie
One of the singles off 2008’s Antidotes, this song begs the crowd to not calm down. With a pumping chorus and a classic Foals’ drum sound, you’re bound to find yourself jumping soon enough.

7. Providence
Probably the loudest song of their newest release, Providence, will probably make the ground shake. Almost confessional lyrics, ‘I know I cannot be true / I’m an animal just like you’, over a pounding break beat will get the crowd moshing. Lead singer, Yannis Phillipakis, is known for some crowd surfing, which might very well happen with this song, or later on.

8. Balloons/Cassius
These are both older singles die-hard fans would love to hear. Cassius was the defining moment of Foals ‘Math-Rock’ sound, with calculated melodies and repetitive lyrics. Balloons on the other hand would do the job just as well, with an outro that begs the crowd to sing along. Get familiar.

9. Spanish Sahara
Probably their biggest song. This was the first single off Total Life Forever, and helped people to realize these fellas have diversity in their sound. Gone was Math-Rock. A recording of the ocean accompanies the band on this one, so be ready.

10. Miami
Also off Total Life Forever, this song was apparently the slowest song they’ve written up to 2010, but serves as a good cross over for a killer trio of closing songs.

11. Inhaler
This is the song that broke them onto South Africa’s commercial radio stations. The back-and-forth melody coupled with imagery of literally breathing, ‘I wake and bake’, builds up to arguably the biggest chorus they’ve written. Mental.

12. Two Steps Twice
Also one of their older songs, with a distinct off beat melody. Two Steps Twice builds up to the most ridiculous breakdown you’ll see. This was the closing song of their show at the Royal Albert Hall, and it’s got tons of fire power.

13. Electric Bloom
The calculated rhythm with which this song flows is mindblowing. Philippakis wails, ‘It’s just another hospital,’ as the chorus, followed by some intricate guitar playing. If he didn’t jump into the crowd earlier, he’s bound to do so here.

Familiarize yourself with the songs. It’s going to be huge. Then, after Foals, you’ve still got Biffy Clyro to look forward to.

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