You should have already heard that the Mad Decent Block Party is being exported to South Africa and we’ll be seeing two concert dates, Johannesburg on the 8th of February and Cape Town on the 9th of February. We think that it’s time to break down your preparations for the event and have prepared a guide on how to survive the Mad Decent Block Party. If you want party details for both Johannesburg and Cape Town then click here.

Photo by Loren Wohl

So the Mad Decent Block Party is about a month away and the DYD team is already getting ridiculously excited for the arrival of Major Lazer, Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus. We’re dead certain that this is going to be the party of the year. Now prepare yourself from some party friendly DYD advice.

Whatever You Do Doesn’t Count If You Don’t Go One Deeper

Photo by Loren Wohl

You should already know that by saying, ‘One Deeper‘, we’re referencing Dillon Francis’ German personality side-kick, DJ Hanzel*. In fact, we’d add that you have to go One More Deeper for this party. This is the first time that the Mad Decent Block Party is leaving America and we have to represent the rest of the world. With that in mind, make sure you dance harder and show them that South Africa can turn up.

*Dillon Francis is a genius, we often spend time laughing at his Instagram videos. Last night we watched a video of him checking out emails while enjoying the Spice Girls.

Team Twerk

This should go without saying but you’re part of Team Twerk at this party. Hopefully, you’re part of the A-team and not the SA-team*. Get your twerking skills right. Back that sh*t up everyday until you’ve picked up an addiction to twerking like Stevie did.

*We remember Oppikoppi 2011 when Diplo asked girls to hop on stage and express themselves but no one really had a clue what to do. This cannot happen again.

Be Smart

Photo by Loren Wohl

We’re constantly having a go at you guys about partying the epic way. You don’t want to be that crash-vomit-sunburn victim at 18h00 when there is so much party time left. Please keep your wits about you and just party smart. You can check out our Party Science Guides for more info, click here.

Dress Up, Down, Left or Right

Photo by Loren Wohl

This party is all about being mad (quite frankly). We want to see you in your ancient 21st birthday costumes, come naked if you really want to and bring inflatables and water guns.

Don’t B*tch or D*ck

Photo by Loren Wohl

The Mad Decent Block Party was born out of a sense of community. The original block parties were almost a family affair and they drew all sorts of people to the event. We’d like to go as far as to say that the sense of community remained and the parties are all about jamming with your friends and strangers. If you’re going to b*tch or d*ck about then we won’t want to concern ourselves with you.

That’s it from our side and we’ll see you t-shirt swinging in Johannesburg.

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