Earth Hour is this weekend and Puma have stepped up to promote the occasion with two events, Co-Lab and the Earth Hour After-Party, click here for more details. We’re on a mission to prove that you can promote sustainable living through the way that you party and live. Yetu going to focus on steps that we’re going to take as a group. You should join us. 

Going green is hard because it requires change to your daily habits. Many people will start with a great project and quickly get derailed because it’s easier to have lived life as you have. What am I saying? Many people? I’m one of them! Which is why I’ve come up with some easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment when you’re out being awesome. I’m going to focus on everyday living, parties and music festivals.

General Living
Thrift shop, because recycling clothes is cool. Thrift shopping means that you are not supporting the manufacture of new clothes by purchasing them and you’re also re-using old stuff. It’s a win-win. You can read our Thrift Shopping 101 guide by clicking here.
Buy local food and drink products, because you know that importing has such a big carbon footprint. I never understood the fascination with Vanilla Coke but some of you still rave about it every time you find it in the imported section at Spar. Rather purchase local products because if there is no market for those imported things then they wouldn’t have to be shipped in. On the local drinks side go for brands like BOS Ice Tea because they’re doing their bit to save the environment with every can that you purchase.

General Partying
Don’t drive, because you know that cars are a big problem. My advice is based on three things: walk (where you can), carpool and Gautrain. Carpooling rocks if you’re not designated driver and the Gautrain is useful if you stay over at a friend’s house after the party, this applies especially if you inter-city party like I do. The whole thing is to get you off the roads.
Get ready in time, because you know that you leave your lights on. If you turned your lights off you would have more tequila money, this is a simple equation.

General Festival Going
Stop using disposable cutlery and plates, because you know that it’s waste in excess. Just think of how much paper and plastic we would save if 20000 people (Oppikoppi numbers) stopped using disposable eating utensils over the 3/4 days.
Clean up your mess, because you know that trashing the environment makes you a bad person. Get a bin system in place. It’s not that difficult because you can hang bins off the trees. On that note don’t leave things like your tent behind, buy a tent that it doesn’t break in one use.
Don’t park too close to your tents, because car exhaust fumes and your tent fabric release horrible gases. I like my lungs, you should too.
Don’t consider the earth as your peeing ground, because it kills the environment. Some music festivals have experienced such dangerously high levels of Ammonia from urine that is has killed off sections of that habitat. I don’t even want to consider the impact of everyone taking a dump in the wild. Go to the toilets or use the Shit Box.
Support festivals that are trying to do things the green way. Head to things like Rocking the Daisies and the Rise and Shine Music Festival.

And that’s all I could think of. If we act together then we can make a slight difference. Researching this was incredibly difficult because no one has thought to go green in terms of the way that you party. If you have any other suggestions then I’d love to know. Just comment below. 

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