H2O is not only the chemical equation for water but also a water park used as a useless concert venue in Johannesburg, somewhere in the rightly joked about region of Boksburg. I had a terrible H2O experience when I went to see Deadmau5 and I will likely never set foot in that place again. If Deadmau5 was anything less of an incredible artist then my entire concert/festival day would have been ruined. Before Deadmau5 I had never been there before, I had heard such amazing things about it from my friends and the pictures on the website looked amazing. I really thought I was going to have the best concert experience of my life. I was wrong. Let me explain why in 3 reasons.

H2O was a culture shock
I have been to Oppikoppi, I used to party at the Square and I thought I knew the Gauteng party scene from Electro to the Commercial house music so in a sense I’ve been accoustamed to seeing a certain type of people at these events. In my opinion they either dress well, as in epic t-shirts and doc martens, or really badly as in slops and cargo pants. I occasionally see the odd girl with red wool hair but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

My first impression of H2O, when I walked through the intense security check was, “Oh my word, I’ve stepped into monkeyfried Jersey Shore.”I saw: dirty hair extensions, shirtless body-building type guys, girls in mesh dresses, guys with blowouts, guys with peroxide blonde hair, wifebeaters and bronzer so dark and shiny it should have been reserved for body builders.
It was a shock.
I knew Joburg people dressed badly but I never thought it was that bad. Who decided that Jersey Shore was a fashion trend!
Who said it was okay?
That person needs to be drowned in a tub of bronzing oil.
The people looked like trash and that leads me to my second point.The people acted like trash
I continued to have an open mind about H2O even though I found myself in orange hell. I’m not going to lie, the extra drinks did help in that regard. The drinks and my open mind did not prepare me for almost getting into two really big fights. If you know me then you’ll understand that it’s unusual for me to swear, shout and deliberate about breaking someone’s nose with the bottom of my palm. I have never been so angry at a concert before. You might blame my position or say that I was unlucky and you would be wrong twice. I wasn’t alone.

Three incidents to explain why:

  • One of my friends mentioned that her friend was watching the acts before Deadmau5 when suddenly he noticed that some guy was peeing on him. The friend turned around to tell the guy to get lost and then the guy and his friends proceeded to beat him up.
  • A couple was also spotted having sex on the VIP dance floor in public view.
  • Right before the Deadmau5 concert a few security men hopped onto the stage to throw out about 2000 glow sticks into the audience. Not the small ones, the ones that can be worn around your neck. For a while the audience looked amazing waving these things around until they started throwing them at Deadmau5. They threw them at his head and at his equipment. If you follow Deadmau5 you would have understood that all the lights are his own. You would also know that they are expensive because of the LED displays. So when I saw dead LED lights on his set because the H2O people were breaking his lights with the glow sticks I was upset.

The venue let me down
There must have been more than 10 000 people at that concert. The organisers probably realised that they needed to find a bigger venue but chose not to. I think if there was fire or a stampede then many would have died. Instead they stuffed us all in there and unfortunately if you were far away then the sound was bad and you could just see flashing lights. Meanwhile there were unregulated fights, the security guards could not restrain people pushing into the VIP area and I had to stay sober because I did not feel safe.

H2O forget you.

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