‘Winter is coming’ might be the motto of the Starks but we prefer ‘Oppikoppi is coming’ and we’re cool enough to say that we’d gladly participate in a ‘Dust Wedding’. We’re going to be answering your questions every week regarding the upcoming Oppikoppi Music Festival. If you want to send through a question that will be featured then drop us a mail at dropyourdrink AT gmail DOT com or write on our Facebook wall and tweets work too (@dropyourdrink). Leese kicks off the Oppi Q&A with a question about dust.

Leese: I hear stories of the dust at Oppikoppi, that it has a life of its own. What does that mean for my sinuses?

Wise One: Your sinuses are screwed. Hell, I swear mine have tried to divorce me numerous times because of Oppikoppi. The dust gets everywhere: on your tent, all over your clothes, in nostrils and in your ears so there isn’t really a way you can avoid it but I do have pointers that will reduce your dust exposure and perhaps limit the amount of time you have to spend with Brown Lung, the ratchet cough everyone has after Oppi.

Ways to get around the dust:
– Walk around with a scarf, buff, or look out for variations of masks: surgical, gas or paint
– Do not camp near the stages and rather move further back into the camp grounds because a lot more people walk around in those areas
– Use wet wipes to clean your ears and nose, tissues are almost useless

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