Most of the DYD team from Johannesburg and Pretoria are heading to Rocking the Daisies this year. We’re all really excited and decided to go on an internet hunt to find survival tips. Many of you are familiar with our survival guide for Oppikoppi, we’ve just upped that level and made one for Rocking the Daisies. It will be my first time at Rocking the Daisies but I will be able to provide some lovely insight because of my experiences flying to music festivals. This guide comes equipped with a packing guide and some handy tips.

Rocking the Daisies might not be South Africa’s biggest music festival but it scores highly in other categories. It’s South Africa’s most environmentally friendly music festival and also South Africa’s best music festival. It has lots of green grass and a lake. It features many of South Africa’s best dressed and I may go as far as to term it the Coachella of South Africa. It’s environment presents a few challenges that you should take note of. We’ll deal with them as we proceed with this article.

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This guide is structured from the perspective of someone who has to fly into Cape Town to attend the music festival. It automatically sets weight restrictions on your gear because you cannot fly with a car’s worth of gear and you’ll also have to be wary of the fact that you’ll need to be able to carry everything that you bring. I’ll take a look at how you can approach this problem.

There are only three things that you need to fly with: a tent, a sleeping bag and a mat to sleep on. These three items are your home base and they are the most critical and expensive items to purchase if you were to leave them behind. A tip for saving weight is getting a 1-man or kiddies tent. I’m not kidding about the kiddies tent; if it’s set for two kids you should be able to crash in it and it’s awesome that they are lightweight. A sleeping bag is necessary because I heard it gets cold at Rocking the Daisies; it’s probably that lake factoring into the environment. For the same reason you need to bring a mat; you need to put something between your body and the ground because the ground acts like a giant heat sink. In normal I have a car circumstances I would have taken an air mattress because they work the best. An air mattresses, cooler box and camping chair are luxuries at this moment so you can afford to leave them behind. It sucks that you won’t have a chair but it’s not the end of the world.

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Rocking the Daisies has grass and a lake. Mud is created when those two elements mix with over 10000 people. I’ve made it a festival standard to always take a pair of Wellingtons but this time I’m flying and those boots have weight implications because they are heavy. That means that I’ll take along mud-surviving boots like Dr. Martens and just wipe them down.

I’ve told you to leave behind your cooler box so what does that mean for food and drinks at the festival? You’re going to have to live off the festival. Rocking the Daisies allows you to pre-order beer and wine. That will help a lot in limiting what you have to carry. Things that you can fly with include snack items like protein bars, chips, biscuits and biltong as well as bottled spirits. Remember that no glass is allowed at Rocking the Daisies. You will need to make a plan for water. I recall complaints about the festival running out of water last year after it neared its set limits for water use. We’re just being smart and renting a car when we arrive at Cape Town International Airport. This allows us to get all of our food and drinks before the festival starts. If you’re taking the shuttle to the festival then good luck!


I’ve been told that it’s a good idea to bring toilet paper because the portapotties often run out of it. Just pack a roll or two into your bag. The last thing that you need to remember is to bring your crazy outfit for Saturday’s #DecadeofDaisies Birthday Carnival.

Well done on surviving this Rocking the Daisies article. You win the packing list. Click here to access it.

Photos by Adriaan Louw

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