Fact 1: Oppikoppi is 25 days away.
Fact 2: 25 days is less than a month.

Fact 3: This Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet is late this week, but I was away in Cape Town slaving away.
You should already be aware of the Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet series. If not then I have to explain. I promised to post 3 looks you could wear at the festival every week leading up to the festival. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo which were both held earlier on this year.This week we’re back to clothing, specifically women’s clothing. Last week was camping gear. 
The looks feature day wear which is subject to temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and nightwear which is subjected to temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius.
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