Yetu hasn’t been slaving away on the Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet series so you have permission to chastise her if you have been waiting for last week’s edition. Last week’s feature was supposed to be men’s wear again and because she made you wait, you’re also going to get a food and recipe edition before the end of the week. She also drew on the help of DJ to create the looks. This is the last clothing feature for the Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet.

Fact 1: Oppikoppi is 15 days away.
Fact 2: 15 days is one day + two weeks.
Fact 3: I was lazy to do the fifth Oppikoppi Music Festival closet for men’s wear because finding men’s clothes on Polyvore is a mission. So I promise to finish another closet feature this week and that one will be based on food.

I promised to post 3 looks you could wear at the festival every week leading up to the festival. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo which were both held earlier on this year. I might have deviated a bit by doing camping gear and the upcoming food post but there’s more than enough style tips you can draw on. This week we’re back to men’s clothing with a whole lot of night wear ideas. Last week was women’s wear. You only need to look at this post if you care what you look like over the four or five days. If you don’t then leave or perhaps check out the camping gear I found.

The looks feature day wear which is subject to temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and nightwear which is subjected to temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius.

The Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet Series:
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Look 18
Look 18 by ye2nde featuring black shoes

Look 19

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