Yetu promised a food edition of the Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet. Here are some handy tips and recipes you could use while present at the festival. This is the penultimate Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet. The next one features drinks. 

Fact 1: Oppikoppi is 10 days away.
Fact 2: I’m so prepared that I just have food left to purchase.

Many weeks ago I promised to post 3 looks you could wear at the festival every week leading up to the Oppikoppi. I might have deviated a bit by doing camping gear and this food post but there’s more than enough style tips you can draw on. This food article forms part of the Oppikoppi Music Festival Closet series and I’m going to give you tips on what to bring, what to leave behind and what could make you uber-happy. However, I feel like I’m giving away my trade secrets by doing the food post. I have come to terms with it though because it might mean that I could run into one of you camps, raid your food stores and make off with similar items if my food finishes. So it might be a “I eat your food = Win” situation.

If you care about what you will look like at Oppikoppi then I suggest you check out the other parts of the series, otherwise please carry on with your wonderful life.

Click here for a complete guide to Oppikoppi – includes packing list.

What is usually done?

1. Braai food

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

I guess I should say “braai vleis” because I will hear some Afrikaans during Oppikoppi. Braai food is very popular at Oppikoppi because people love to braai and build fires! However, people hate food poisoning. Braai food is tricky because it requires a large amount of effort on your part because you have to make sure your food is cooked before it wastes. I called braai food, “first-day food” in The Ultimate Oppikoppi Survival Guide because you will not braai it after the first day of being at Oppi. You will be lazy and you will want other food.

You can make your life easier by:
– Only bringing meat for the first day
– Leaving chicken at home, it’s a food poisoning party fest (Woo-hoo! Yeah!)
– Using a Cadec gas stove because at least that doesn’t require building a fire
– Bringing Imodium, anti-diarrhoea medicine 
– Just leaving the damn braai food at home!
– Emptying out water from your cooler box (I recall that water-soaked boerewors are no fun)

2. Chip Rolls
Potato chips + a bread roll = a chip roll. I mean potato crisps, not fries. I hate these things. They don’t make me feel happy even when I’m on a general eating spree after partying.
3. 2-Minute Noodles
Go for it! 
Low sustenance food! 
It’s quick, convenient and I still won’t eat it.
Yes, I won’t.

I’d rather pay for stall food than:
– Finding water, putting the kettle on, waiting for the kettle to heat up, pouring water on the noodles, waiting two-minutes and then eating.
– Or eating those crunchy pieces of processed junk straight from the pack. That’s what potato chips are for! Oh wait, I forgot, you ate them all with your fucking chip rolls.

4. Stall food
You can happily survive on the wide variety of food present at the stalls of Oppikoppi. I am aware that there is an even bigger range of food this year and stall food works as a way to meet people because you can totally whip out a, “Hey! I just met you, and this is crazy. That sandwich look good! I want it badly.”

The food stalls at Oppikoppi will have: 
– Schwarma: beef, chicken, veg and calamari
– Legend burgers, hot dogs and breakfast rolls
– Chips and sauces
– Potato curls and sausage-on-stick
– Hot dogs, rib rolls, pop corn and mini doughnuts
– Sushi, vegetarian food, chilli poppers, Dhal and Basmati rice, Chinese, chive pancakes, Mexican corn cakes with guacamole, samosas and Chow Mein
– Burgers, hot dogs and corn dogs
– Rolls, trinchado, burgers and sandwiches
– Biltong
– Rooster koeke and kerrie
– Potjie kos
– Prego: beef, chicken and veg

– Wraps: beef, chicken and veg
– Stir-fry
– Kebabs and curries
– Pizza
– Vegetarian dishes and vegetable shakes
– Vetkoek with mince and other fillings and chicken soup
– Footlong boeries, footlong cheese grillers and rump sosaties
– Coffee, teas and french pancakes
– Boerie and hot dogs
– Ice-cream
– Mexican food
– Braai vleis and pap
– Panini, baguette and french waffle

What we’re going to do? (It’s going to make you insanely jealous)

At Sowing the Seeds – JHB I had an epiphany. I realised that a lot of people made camping seem harder than it actually is. I do consider myself a camping pro of note and I decided to apply this to food. When I brought out carrots and apples at Sowing the Seeds I got laughed at but my camp was forgetting a simple equation.

If you put shit in your body then you can’t do shit. 

I’m a top-notch party scientist and I believe if you eat relatively well at festivals then you can party more. What I’m going to do, as well as my campsite, is focus more on awesome snacks, less cooking and getting stall food. The food is supposed to make us happy and keep us relatively healthy.

1. Fruits, veggies and muesli
Yes, you read right. We’re bringing out the greens and muesli. We’ll have greens like oranges, apples and carrots. Strawberries and bananas stay at home because the heat will destroy them. Hard, crunchy greens rock after you’ve been eating tons of meat and sandwiches. I did hear a tale about intense constipation coming from Oppi, it was something about lots of braai meat and dust. The greens will go a long way in preventing that.

2. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo courtesy of Cherry Tea Cakes

I bake. I make great chocolate chip cookies. I’m making some for Oppi. The reason I decided to bring these is because last year we had this awesome chocolate biscotti and when it was sunny the chocolate would kind of melt and it would be amazing to scoff. I did consider making Salted Butter Caramel Macaroons but I’ve left a set in the sun before and the filling didn’t survive. 

3. Pre-packaged meals: Lasagne and Chow Mein
Pre-packaged meals can easily chill in the cooler box. I won’t have to pay for all my meals and I can be happy that there is instant food waiting for me at my campsite. 

4. S’mores

Photo courtesy of Betty Crocker

This one is really easy to do. You need cookies (I’ll likely bake them), Nutella and marshmallows. Put your marshmallows near the fire, spread Nutella on the cookie and make a sandwich when you put the marshmallow in there. It’s beautiful. It makes me happy and no, you can’t have mine.

4. Eggs and Bacon

Eggs and bacon are amazing in the morning for breakfast. I just have to encourage someone else to make them for me and I will be quite content with life. The easy way to do eggs and bacon is to hook up a hot plate on a Cadec stove. I recall we had French Toast and Bacon for breakfast on one of the mornings last year. I was eating better food at Oppi than I was at home, especially if you consider that I had steak with peppercorn sauce the one afternoon. Ha. Your life sucks.

So that’s it for the food installment! I’ll write the next post with a drink in hand and give you some handy-dandy drink tips.

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