We chatted to Kgomotso Sekhu, the founder of a creative space in Mabopane called Home Lounge. The space has become a hub of action…

Why did you start Home Lounge?

We wanted to try something different in the Mabopane area so we decided to focus on the artists and create a space for creative expression. A majority of places around Mabopane are focused on commercial music; but, at Home Lounge we try to shy away from the commercial stream. It’s all about education and sitting at the heart of a vision to create a platform to learn from each other.

We’re about the experience; you can come and listen to anything from A Tribe Called Quest to Theo Parrish in one night. I see Home Lounge an artist’s take on a musical space.

Why did you choose to have it in Mabopane?

Mabopane is home for me. I didn’t think of starting this venture in any other place but home. We’ve never had a something like Home Lounge and I want to create a space for people to learn about art and alternative music. We have a vision of growing the brand across Africa, maybe we’ll grow it as far is Ghana. Home Lounge Mabopane was set up to be the hub.

What changes do you want to see happen in Pretoria?

We want to see youth in Pretoria owning their own businesses and giving hope to the next generation. These youth must be proud of themselves and their achievements. We’re building peace and unity and we want to see more live bands and DJs playing vinyls. With all of this we try to make some of the changes through Home Lounge. We know that our arty space is very important for conversations; we want to drive positive change with these conversations.

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Photos by Yetunde Dada
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