We chatted to Jack Parow ahead of his 2017-debut Park Acoustics.

What would 18 year old Jack Parow say if he was told that he’d someday have his very own brand of brandy?

Fokkit, he would freak out I think. I’m freaking out right now! I mean, I can drink sooooooooo much brandy now, it’s amazing!

What are you playing at the moment? (Game-wise. Didn’t you get a Nintendo switch recently?)

Game-wise, I’m a multi platform kind of guy. So, on my phone it’s Clash of Clans. On my Laptop it’s Wildlands. On my PlayStation it’s Lego Dimensions. On my Xbox, it’s Halo Wars and on my Nintendo Switch it’s the new Zelda! Haha, and the I’m still drinking brandy but that’s not a game, that’s fkn serious.

Photo by Robin Looy

You have an awesome Hat Business that Leon Schuster used in one of his most recent films. How’s that going?

Always lekker ne, people are loving them. They are available at shows and also at www.jackparow.co.za

What kind of set can we expect from you at Park Acoustics?

HIGH energy and fokken woes as always. It’s PARK ACOUSTICS, come on, you KNOW its going to be a JOL!

Other than music-related stuff, what do you want to get out of 2017?

New album is the main thing right now, so I’m hitting that hard. Then I’m also having my own fokkin’ festival in the Netherlands. Can you believe that shit? Fokken mal! PAROW FEST!

What or who played a big role in the person you’ve become, both personally and in your career.

The owner of the shebeen in Durbanville, if it wasn’t for him I would have had to start drinking sooooooo much later, thanx bra, I salute you.

You can see Jack Parow at Park Acoustics this weekend.

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