Adventure man are releasing their new album today. We caught up with head honcho, Gad, to ask him all about his furry little “creatures”.

Your new album reminds us all about our own Pet’s antics. What made you decide that it was a good idea to write about all of your “creatures”?

I was always told to write about what you know, so I started off writing songs about movies and TV shows and video games. The thing that is closest to my heart are all my animals and my dogs, so the first song I wrote was Oh Sammy, about my border collie. When I got Shaniqua that inspired her song which in turn inspired the new album

You’re also an integral part in the Shortstraw family, how do you balance the Solo career along with the massive demands of a band as popular as Shortstraw?

Google calendars is the greatest invention ever. We can coordinate our schedule perfectly and whenever there’s a gap in the shortstraw calendar, i can squeeze in shows and recording

Dog Daze sees you collaborating with the likes of Grassy Spark, Jon Shaban, your brother DDC, and Rebecca Taylor – what has it been like working with all of them?

All the collabs have been amazing. Grassy had an off day during a tour in jhb last year, so i borrowed them for a day and wrote a song using on Sublime song titles. Jon came in to help me with a song i couldn’t find a chorus to, and transformed into into a monster track
Rebecca was recommended by the studio for the track Let’s Stay Home, snd she blew us away, so much so that she is now a permanent member of the band. It was only right that my brother Dan (DDC) joined me on the tracks about his dogs, Bruno, and Basenji (about his dog Schmeichel)

Drawing by Rebecca Taylor.

What is your favourite track from the album?

My favourite is Phantom Babies. It’s definitely the weirdest track I’ve ever written. It has different tempos which I’ve never done with this band before. And Po-Chung’s drumming is so kooky, i love it!

We always think about things like, “How can we use street style photography to change the world?” or things like, “How can we use festival coverage to change the world?” so we’re going to a pose a similar question to you because we believe that there’s always something you can do to improve peoples’ lives in the areas that you are passionate about. I ask you, “How can we use music to change the world?”

Music has an amazing transformative power. If someone is having a bad day, and then listens to one of my songs and it makes them feel not so bad anymore, if only for 3 mins, then I’ve done my job.

Other than music-related stuff, what do you want to get out of 2017?

I’m working on a children’s book based on our track Sorry Shaniqua, and we’re looking at a few more music videos from the album!

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