We decided to go through your favourite articles for 2013. We’ve been doing this for two years and we have big plans for 2014. You can expect the top posts in music, interviews, event and restaurant reviews, travel and fashion.

Most Read Article in 2013

Our Oppikoppi Music Festival reviews always get your attention but this was more apparent in our Heard and Seen at Oppikoppi post. We compiled a list of sayings that we had heard at Oppikoppi and featured some of our preview photos from the festival. This resulted in quite a few laughs as you went through the quotes.


The boys from Beatenberg win this post. When we featured Chelsea Blakemore we knew we were onto magical musical genius. We hope that you’re supporting the trio and you should check out the interview we did with them, it ranks as third in our most read interviews for 2013, click here.

Aftermath ‘Event Review’

Skrillex came to South Africa this year and ended up playing at H2O and this Aftermath review became our most read in 2013. This event review was probably popular because we referenced a term that we created, it’s called H2O Rage, caused by the fumes of bronzing oil and exposure to Joburg’s finest people.


Our most read interview was Part 1 of the one that Kyle, our resident music guru, did with MartyParty. You might, or might not, be aware that MartyParty is actually South African and he’s carried our electronic music torch successfully in America.

Restaurant Review

You obviously liked our review of Honey Badger Bistro and close in second was our review for Ginger & Fig. 2013 has been a year for good food in Pretoria.


This has been a big year for travel in the Drop Your Drink team and your most read travel post was related to Tarryn’s festival experience in Scotland for T in the Park. Yetu also went to Firefly Music Festival in America and Lucy is heading to The Falls Music and Arts Festival in Australia.


Your most read fashion post was our Guide – The Horror of H2O Fashion. It was written after our Skrillex concert attendance. It received mixed reviews, 99% of you found it hilarious and true and 1% of you were grossly offended and got so angry that you knocked your Pauly D 015 Tanning Lotion onto your keyboard. 

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