The perfect synthesis of Chantel van T’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and their distinctive dreamy sound.

Diamond Thug are back with their latest, captivating single ‘Choo Choo’.

With a darker, broodier tone ‘Choo Choo’ immerses the listener into a world of tumultuous emotions as it tells the story of a lover’s quarrel, comparing it to a medieval battle.

Photo by: Tyler Walker

Choo Choo?

“The name ‘Choo Choo’ is a playful twist derived from the chorus. Its harrowing lyrics: “Chewed you up, you’re tired.” perhaps offering a glimpse into the dichotomy of minds in a toxic relationship.

The feels:

As the song unfolds, a labyrinth of arpeggios, guitar melodies and varying synthesizers come and go. Finally culminating in a powerful, psychedelic ending. A crescendo of sound mirror a crescendo of tension. Diamond Thug offers little resolve, instead leaving the listener with a taste of the experience.”

Coming Soon:

This single comes on the heels of the release of Diamond Thug’s debut LP in April 2018.

Listen to Diamond Thug’s, ‘Choo Choo’, here:

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