Listen to Hello Beautiful’s new EP, Leftover Dreams, here by clicking play.

Your music has quite the distinct sound. Could you tell us which musicians have inspired it?

I’ve always been listening to punk for most of my life, I eventually started listening to more electronic music. I am also a big fan of 80’s music, I’m not too fussy when it comes to music and I tend to like most of the music out there.

If I had to narrow it down to one band it would be Soulwax, they’re a rock band that plays electronic music live, and their live shows are always a bit different to the studio album. But the list goes on, there are just too many to mention.

Hello Beautiful has progress from a solo project to a live band show, similar to Kidofdoom, why did you decide to make this move?

I wasn’t really feeling it being on a stage alone, I’ve always wanted to have a band but wasn’t really making music suited for a live band either, so I asked Johan Auriacombe (drums/sample pad/Kaossilator) and Ben Rausch (live visuals) if they would be keen to do a 20 minute Hello Beautiful set with me at a Wereld Records showcase night, it pretty much hasn’t ended since then, we’re a band now, it was way too fun not to do, you know.


Photo by: Bernard Brand

Tell us more about your upcoming EP, Leftover Dreams, what can we except from it? What was it like creating it?

It’s synth driven, with reasonably straightforward beats and spacey soundscape melodies. It’s always a lot of fun making music that sounds great to your ears and hoping some other people will like and appreciate it too. There are two collaborations on the EP, ‘If You Love Me Back’ feat. Alastair Thomas from Shortstraw and ‘Structures ft. Jean-Louise Parker from Academie and I’m extremely stoked about them.

The EP goes live on iTUNES and all major online platforms today.

Creating the EP: As always, I get inspiration from sci-fi movies, anything sci-fi related really and remembering my childhood and feeling really nostalgic about certain sounds I heard in music from the 80’s and 90’s.

The title ‘Leftover Dreams’ represents musical ideas I created, but not being to sure where it’s even going, so I come back to it at a later stage and find a new inspiration to turn it into a song. For example, the song ‘Leftover Dreams’, I wrote the first part of it, it builds up and builds up and then I had no idea where to go with it, a few months later down the line I composed the second part of the song, which almost seems like a whole different song, but it just works for me.

Where can we expect to see a performance from Hello Beautiful soon?

Launching the EP at The Good Luck Bar tonight as part of a Wereld Records show and playing A Place in the Sun festival in November.

Catch us at The Good Luck Bar tonight:

What is your ultimate musical success?  

Since I started this project a few years ago I wanted it to be a live band, super stoked to finally share the stage with two of the best. Also pretty stoked to have been a part of some other bands in my past and learning things from them money can’t buy.

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