Hytes is an electronic band consisting of a drummer, a DJ and a VJ. All experienced in the music- and visual-art industry. Three-man Hytes have teamed up for a brand new project. They deliver a complete package of their own future bass-music, combined with great visual-art, all played live.

The idea behind Hytes is that visual art and music can reinforce each other in both ways. Hytes expects to grace your ears with great sounds. They create bass music varying from really chilled and vibey songs to more uptempo and hard hitting tracks.Hytes’ 3-track EP, Quartz, is out now:

  • January 31st: Listen to Tropical Gold here.
  • February 14th: Listen to Sphere here.
  • February 21st: Listen to Irusu here.

Listen to and stalk more of Hytes’ waves via:

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