Music is the sound humans make by being alive. The birds have their calls, the stars have their radio waves, the ocean has its ebbs and flows and the wolves have their howling. Ruby Gill’s music is a celebration and lamentation of being alive in a universe of sound.

Fault/Missing in Japan is the first single release of Ruby Gill’s upcoming debut studio album. The dark, angst­ridden energy of “Fault” is shaped by pulsing synths and intricate percussion that moves one to stand and dance in cathartic timing. The song fills the room with self­realization, a profound understanding of the fullness and darkness of relationships, and hints at a feminist stand that all young women need to take.

Photo by: Judith Belle

Photo by: Judith Belle

“Missing in Japan” is the stripped, skeletal answer to “Fault” ­ an exploration of the catastrophic tsunami in Japan (2011) in music, and the relative tsunami of a break­up (2015) in lyrics. The flowing, complex piano provides the undercurrent to an expertly woven story of longing and loss, and how to take back control when everything around you comes crashing down. Harmonies and silvery synths ebb and flow around the song’s core.

This single is the first of what is to be a heart­-tearing, foot­-tapping, epiphany-­inducing debut album from the quirky songwriter. Ruby Gill’s honest and beautifully-­woven lyricism, harmonies and effortless musical expertise will be the soundtrack to this generation’s attempt at adult­ing, with all the lightness, and heaviness, of human folly.

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