No stranger to the Cape Town club circuit, musical duo Sisterfella consisting of Elu Eboka and Francois Botha are fast becoming a favorite electronic musical act. Shiffa explains why she loves them so much and we have a special Drop Your Drink minimix from Sisterfella. 

I’m getting old, and not much keeps me up past 3AM these days but whenever I get to jam to Sisterfella’s melodic mish-mash of tunes, I’m easily up all night. You may call me a groupie but my fondness for this team aside from their musical talent stems from the special relationship I have with Elu. I’ve known this guy since he was a flamboyant rock-inclined teenager in his high school heydays in Pretoria and watched him mature into the confident young muso that he is today. His partner in crime, Francois, is a student of classical music who brings refined structures to the duo.

Together Francois and Elu spend countless hours on the creation and innovation of their tracks and the result is nothing short of genius. Club-goers at a Sisterfella show can expect an epic introduction track which has become their trademark, followed by a set consisting of upbeat electro/techno smashers and pimped out remixes of great classics. Look out for KG Koosh, the duo’s magnificent manager and a Capetownian hustler of note, she’s warm, friendly and protective of her boys. There are also a swarm of fans who follow them, are at every gig and definitely add to the hype.

Sisterfella is an act worth seeing and whether you’re like me and you’ve known these guys forever or stumbled into the right place at the right time you’ll find it hard to sit down when Sisterfella is in town!

Sisterfella have prepared a special and exclusive Drop Your Drink mimimix for us. I’ve had it on repeat and you will too.

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