Kyle got talking to the gentlemen behind Gangs of Ballet. They talked about the latest video for their single, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’. 

Photo by Tink Photography

DYD: Tell us about your tour with Zebra and Giraffe, this last December? What were the highlights?
Gangs of Ballet: Well for starters, getting to play alongside one of SA’s best rock bands was fantastic. We’ve often asked ourselves, ‘What would Zebra do?’ so this was a real treat for us. They’re great guys and we actually had such a jol on tour! Too many things to mention, and some we can’t, but overall excellent.

DYD: Quality music videos are a rare thing in South Africa, and your new video for Don’t Let Me Go is definitely quality. Can you tell us about the creation of this music video and how it relates to your song?
Gangs of Ballet: I think love and holding on are two obvious themes in the song. And typically, love is young in videos. But in this video, we wanted to tell a story of two people who have shared a lifetime together, and are nearing the end, but are still so in love. Rather than self-pity, they escape and fight to remember all the little things about each other that make them smile. It’s about holding close and enjoying what we have and making memories while we can.

DYD: Where does Gangs of Ballet go from here? What are you plans for the future?
Gangs of Ballet: Well, we have already started writing for a brand new album.. and we’re really excited with the musical direction it’s starting to take on. And of course, we’ll be touring, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!

DYD: Zebra and Giraffe is a group with a mass of eclectic influences who create music which is on the boarders of any solid genre definition – did being on tour with them influence you in any way, creatively or otherwise?
Gangs of Ballet: Well like we’ve said, we have a huge respect for the guys and have learnt so much from them with regards to music and the inner workings of the industry. I think there was a bit of healthy competition on tour and that definitely pushed us to try step up our live show!

DYD: Looking back, can your reflect on your success at this point and on your place within the South African music scene?
Gangs of Ballet: We have really been fortunate, and can’t thank everyone who has supported us enough! The constant radio requests, the video plays, everyone who’s bought an album and come to a show… everything that has happened is because of everyone else’s support, so thank you! We’re so grateful for how things have begun to unfold in small ways and maybe one day when we reach ‘success’ we’ll reflect. But for now we’re going to keep doing what were doing and will hopefully see you in your city soon!

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