GOLDO are a duo from Cape Town. They describe their sound as sea disco and experimental hip-hop and we got to find out exactly what that means. They have also created our DYD August Minimix, which we love, so check it out. 

Photo by Stewart Innes

DYD: Your name is really weird. Where did GOLDO come from?

GOLDO: Before GOLDO was related to music, GOLDO wrestled with each other and harassed people who were asleep in the school camp dormitories.We would wear full morph suits and be GOLDO. No joke.

DYD: Your lives are pretty cool, considering that you’re in Cape Town and you’re musicians in your own rights. What is the best part of being musicians? 
GOLDO: The best part is being able to listen to the music we want to listen to, but on a nice sound system.

DYD: We’ve seen that your primary genres are sea disco and experimental hip-hop. Could you try and explain what that means to SpongeBob SquarePants?
GOLDO: It means the world to SpongeBob SquarePants, he loves our sea disco. Squidward hates our music because he hates fun.

DYD: What would your ultimate musical success be? I don’t mean to harp on the age thing but you guys are pretty young. 
GOLDO: The ultimate dream is to play a private gig for Obama in a golden palace while Michelle and the children twerk on the bassbins. On a more realistic scale, we reckon playing at a local festival would be super sweet! Such as Rocking The Daisies.

DYD: Who are some of your favourite local and international acts?
GOLDO: Justice is definitely my favourite artist internationally (Daniel). Oliver for Disco and ChromadaData or Maths Time Joy for experimental hip hop (Mickael).
Locally we would say Slabofmisuse, Battle Beyond The Stars and Christian Tiger School are some really dope musicians.

DYD: I think you guys rock, and you know what you’re doing mix wise. Do you have any advice for people trying to get themselves out there and produce quality work?
GOLDO: PRODUCE MUSIC! PRODUCE MUSIC! That’s the stuff that will set you apart, if you make your own stuff you’re bound to be recognised. There are a gazillion tutorials on YouTube that will teach you the ins and outs of it all. If you’re serious about making beats then don’t be discouraged by the amount of time it could potentially take to get a grip on things. Feel free to speak to us if you need any help.

DYD: Last question, how do you work together to create your mixes? Does someone pick the songs, do you pick the songs together, and do you fight about mix structures? How does it all work?
GOLDO: To be honest it all goes quite naturally, we decide what atmosphere and vibe we want the mix to have and then each put forward songs that could obtain that. When we have a track list we put the songs together in Ableton Live. You’re free to check the internet for our work.

If you want more information on GOLDO:
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– Check out the GOLDO Soundcloud

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