Jacques spent time getting to know Jordi, the winner of the Converse Get out of the Garage competition. Jordi has been working on his debut EP, ‘An Ocean of Clouds’, and had some interesting things to say about his experience thus far.

DYD: You won the Converse Get out of the Garage competition, and as part of the prize you went to London and New York. Tell us about your time there? Did you make some good memories?
Jordi: Funny story, myself and my band haven’t gone yet. Unfortunately something went wrong at the 100 Club in the UK, so things have been shuffled around. Converse are just the best and they’ve funded my whole debut EP, An Ocean of Clouds, which is in the process of being recorded. Once that’s done they’ll be sending myself and the band across to NYC and Paris. Yus I’m so stoked!

DYD: How has your life changed since the competition?
Jordi: I feel that the competition has given me the courage and confidence to truly pursue my dreams. At this stage I’m a full-time musician, working hard on my songs and focusing on this EP.

DYD: What are your plans for 2014? Tours? Festivals? Albums? Collaborations?
Jordi: After I’ve recorded An Ocean of Clouds, we’ll go over to NYC, spend some time is studio there, record a track, do some tourist things, head over to Paris, jam a gig, do some more tourist things, head back home and then I’ll try get my music out there, on radio etc. Perhaps do a music video…I have a few things up my sleeve.

DYD: What venues in South Africa do you really want to play?
Jordi: I’d love to do all the festivals at some stage, do a show at DBN Botanical gardens (it’s always been a dream), do a road trip to the beautiful windy city and play at the Assembly and Kirstenbosch, meet up with some of my awesome friends in PTA and JHB and jam a few intimate shows there.

DYD: We at Drop Your Drink always do little quickfire questions where you’re supposed to pick one out of two options. Here they are:
DYD: Biscuits or Biltong?
Jordi: Biltong.

DYD: Cats or dogs?
Jordi: Dogs.

DYD: Denim or corduroy?
Jordi: Denim.

DYD: Spur or Wimpy?
Jordi: Spur.

DYD: Country music or folk music?
Jordi: Folk music.

DYD: Bushveld or Sea?
Jordi: Sea.

DYD: That’s a wrap, man. Any last words to your fans and the readers?
Jordi: Yeah, I just want to say thank you so much for all the support, I hope An Ocean of Cloud will make SA proud. Please check out my website: www.jordivandyk.com and you can follow me on twitter: @jordivandyk to stay updated on all my crazy fun adventures.

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