Ash got to interview Last Dinosaurs ahead of their Park Acoustics performance, click here for more details.

Last Dinosaurs are an Indie band hailing from Brisbane in Australia. They’ll be touring South Africa soon, playing gigs in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. We love these guys and especially dig their songs ‘Andy’, ‘Weekend’ and ‘Zoom’.

DYD: Where do you get inspiration for your songs and how would you describe your sound?

Last Dinosaurs: I listen to a few albums religiously. One of them is Person Pitch by Panda Bear and that album really inspired me in writing. His lyrics I found to be really cool and nothing too heavy. Musically I drew a lot of melodic ideas from Pogo, a young producer from Perth who made songs from cutting audio samples out of Disney films.

DYD: Your lives are pretty cool, considering that you get to tour the world and play to many different crowds. What is the best part of being musicians? And how did your careers as musicians come about?
Last Dinosaurs: The best thing would have to be the experiences we have in hotels and at clubs and checking out the general vibe of wherever we are. It is really interesting seeing how different people are at shows from the crew to the crowd. We because musicians out of luck really because we jammed a lot in high school and then we didn’t really take it too seriously afterwards but the radio started playing us and the ball started rolling from then haha.

DYD: Do you guys have a favourite performance? Where was it and why is it a favourite?
Last Dinosaurs: We played to about 8 or 9 thousand people at Splendour a couple of years ago. That’s one of the major music festivals in Australia and was definitely the biggest show we played. Second to that so far would have to be the show we played in Jakarta to an awesome crowd who knew all the words to the songs, that gave me goosebumps.

DYD: Are you at all surprised at the way you have been received by audiences around the world, including your local audience in Brisbane?
Last Dinosaurs: Internationally it has been interesting. In Brisbane I feel like everyone is sick of us, they have seen us so many times they are over it haha. But playing somewhere like Indonesia is a total surprise because we have little expectation and the shows were amazing.

DYD: How have your fans reacted to A Million Years? Has it been the reception that you were looking for?
Last Dinosaurs: It’s cool because different people at different times have said a certain song is my favourite. I think for every song someone has said it was their favourite. That makes me happy.

DYD: Without the fear of seeming bombastic or sounding overambitious, what would the ultimate success for the band be? (Feel free to go crazy wild here please!)
Last Dinosaurs: Being on a Japanese talk show for a little while then buying an awesome house with a huge recording studio. It’d be awesome to be at a point where we can tour and play huge shows in every continent.

DYD: In the last few years, due to the rapid growth of internet access and use, music has become more accessible to people, how much would you credit the internet for your current successes?
Last Dinosaurs: I think videos and stuff have benefited from internet, and torrenting is all cool but it’s hard to say. In a way everyone is benefiting at the same time so it is kind of becoming more competitive.

DYD: Who are some of your favourite international artists and acts? We’ve heard the more obscure they are the better but personally we’re having a thing for Spice Girls again.
Last Dinosaurs: Phoenix are a big influence on us. We really wanna play a show with them. Twin Sister aren’t a big international act (from USA) but I worship them.

DYD: Your playlists on sites like Soundcloud are great but surely nothing can beat a live gig. Tell us what you enjoy about playing live and also do you have a particular song that you love to play live?
Last Dinosaurs: At the moment we are digging playing the new songs. It is refreshing. But off the album id say weekend is my favourite to play because its dynamic and the guitar riff in the chorus I like listening to. Feels good. Lekker.

DYD: Are there any pre/post performance rituals that you engage in? 
Last Dinosaurs: Plenty of booze then a high five before we walk on stage.

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