Jacques caught up with the fellas from Shout Hey!, while they were cruising through the Garden Route on their EP launch tour. We’re splitting the interview into two parts, this is Part 1.

Photo by Jacques Cilliers

DYD: When you’re not making music, what are you guys doing?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Drinking wine.
Tim (Shout Hey!): We’ve got a lot of what we like to call Cola Wine Mixers at my place, where we drink some shnazzy wine, eat some fancy cheese and listen to some cool jazz, by the fireplace.
Matt (Shout Hey!): We’re like, forty.
Tim (Shout Hey!): We’re actually gonna continue our studies this year. We’re studying music. Matt and I are doing a Bachelor of Music, he’s going to UCT and I’m going to Stellenbosch.
Brogan (Shout Hey!): I’m doing sound engineering in Joburg.
Tim (Shout Hey!): But mainly those wine evenings, man. We take advantage of those whenever we can.

DYD: This is your launch tour for your EP, Can You Hear Me. How’s the response been so far?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Cape Town’s been awesome.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Yea, Cape Town, especially has been overwhelming. We’ve only played the one show in Joburg at Tanz Live, and it’s a great venue. The response from Cape Town like I said before has been amazing. The support and passion for music there is so great. More people are making the effort to come out to shows and buy music since iTunes is available. At the &Union show we met such great people, who actually came and spoke to us after the show.
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Ninja from Die Antwoord was even there.
Tim (Shout Hey!): We played the Waiting Room as well on the Wednesday night. That was kind of an acoustic EP launch for Cape Town. Also, the Assembly show…
Brogan (Shout Hey!): We did our sound check at like 8 o’clock and we were on at 10, we were chilling backstage, and going outside every now and then and there was like NO ONE there. We were like, ‘Oh my word, we’re gonna play to no one. We’re back in Joburg.’ Then they pushed us 10 minutes. Then, as soon as we started playing, people flocked out from the bar area.
Tim (Shout Hey!): We didn’t know there was another bar area!

DYD: She’s Crazy is your third single. What is it about?
Matt (Shout Hey!): It’s about Tim’s ex. If I’m honest, it’s quite serendipidous. Because in a way, she commissioned the song while they were still dating, she was like, ‘Write a song about me!’ So we wrote a damn song about her called She’s Crazy
Tim (Shout Hey!): We weren’t gonna keep it!
Matt (Shout Hey!): …and she loved it. So we put it on record, we released it, we filmed a damn music video for it. A couple weeks later, they break up, very ugly break up, and the song has remained a favourite.

DYD: On your EPK on YouTube, Tim, you said in late 2011 you did pop/punk covers and/or Coldplay covers. Explain?
Tim (Shout Hey!): Probably both! When we started Shout Hey!, before Brogan was our drummer, we were very strict on what we wanted. We were gonna be pop/punk, we were gonna be Blink 182, that was all we were gonna do. We did Blink 182, Yellowcard, The Main, Motion City Soundtrack, eventually Coldplay for a little more of an acoustic sound I guess. What changed when Brogan became a permanent member. We’ve got this whole connection between us, that if we play with another member it will take literally years to have that same connection that we have with each other. Now the whole emphasis is on not limiting ourselves to any genres.
Matt (Shout Hey!): We’re still finding ourselves as a band.

DYD: How would you describe the difference between your live sound, and your sound on the record?
Tim (Shout Hey!): Recently, we’ve put a lot of work into our live show and we wanna make our live show the best we can. Our sound is very nearly exactly the same, but I prefer the live show to the EP just with the general energy.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Also, our sound is bigger now that we’ve been in a studio and spent a lot of time working on stuff other than guitars, drums, bass and vocals.
Brogan (Shout Hey!): One thing that we do bring to a live show is a stage presence.

DYD: Explain your relationship with the word serendipidous.
Tim (Shout Hey!): I have a little obsession with big words. Sometimes I get tired of words and then whip out a dictionary to get a new one I can use for the next month. But serendipidous, I don’t know how it came about, I don’t know how we figured it out. I wanted a way to describe fortunate mistakes and I wanted one word to describe the studio process for us. Serendipidous describes it as best as we can.

This ends Part 1, look out for Part 2 of this interview this week.

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