We spent time interviewing Nikita, who DJs as the Tallest Girl Alive, before her set at the Big House Craft Beer Fest, more details about the festival here.

DYD: What inspired you to call yourself the Tallest Girl Alive?
Nikita (Tallest Girl Alive): 
Well, I was completely unsure of what to call my show when a friend suggested Tallest Girl Alive as a joke since I am 186 cm tall. Needless to say the name stuck.

DYD: What kind of set can we expect from you at BHCBF?
Nikita (Tallest Girl Alive): You can look forward to some Indie and Rock but basically all those songs that make you want to sing out loud with your beer flying everywhere as you belt out the lyrics!

DYD: How long have you been DJing and would you consider music production in future?
Nikita (Tallest Girl Alive): An entire 2 months and for sure I love the music industry, although I would have lots to learn!

DYD: Are you a beer or cider girl?
Nikita (Tallest Girl Alive): Definitely a beer girl, never found a liking in ciders. Now can someone please pass me a beer!

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