We got to talk to The Plastics and Justin Asher about ‘Kim’s Song’. ‘Kim’s Song’ was written by The Plastics for Kimberly Rose Asher. Kimberley always wanted to be larger than life, your next superstar, but when she was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer her dreams seemed to recede a little bit, until Justin, her brother, stepped in to ask The Plastics to record a song with her. She sadly passed away in November 2011 and November 2013 has marked the release of ‘Kim’s Song’ by Kimberly Rose Featuring The Plastics. 

DYD: How did you experience Kim and has she affected your life since then?
The Plastics and Kim’s brother, Justin: We met Kim when she was already sick but there was so much enthusiasm in her, especially when it came to talking about music, that it wasn’t immediately evident. There was certainly a lot of fight in her and she was really upbeat and determined to do the song with us. It’s impossible not to be inspired by someone like this. It shows what can be accomplished through determination, grit and sheer will power.

DYD: What life lessons would you want for someone to gain after hearing Kim’s story?
The Plastics and Kim’s brother, Justin: The biggest lesson to gain from this is that family and friends are your strongest pillars in a time of need. Lean on them to get through the tough times and follow your dreams if you’ve got something you’re really passionate about – go out and do it.

DYD: Why did you wait so long to release the song?
The Plastics and Kim’s brother, Justin: I actually don’t know. We wanted to make it perfect, I think. It was never the right time and we didn’t want it to coincide with one of The Plastics’ big hits because it wouldn’t have taken centre stage. Once we had it perfect we then wanted to release it on a special date. When we realised that the 2-year anniversary of Kim’s passing was approaching we thought that would be the perfect time.

We also needed the backing of a radio station and once we met with Ryan ‘O Connor and saw his passion, we knew it was the right time.

DYD: How do we support Kim’s foundation, The Kimberley Rose Cancer Foundation?
The Plastics and Kim’s brother, Justin: You can email info@kimberlyrose.org, or you can SMS KIM to 40308 and donate R20 via SMS. In return you’ll receive an MP3 link to download Kim’s Song. We’re always looking for help, ideas and great people. We’re on Facebook too if you search the foundation, or on twitter @KimberlyRoseCF.

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