We caught up with Benson ahead of his Grietfest 2015 performance.

DJ 3Lau once tweeted: “Bottom line, most people see the partying, the booze, the booty. No one sees the grind, the self-pressure and the fear of failure.” What’s your opinion on this statement?

I think it’s absolutely true, not only about DJing, but it also applies to every type of musician. The amount of stress, nerves, sweat and (sometimes) tears that go into each set is astonishing. The trick is always to make it look easy.

We’re pretty excited to see you on the Grietfest 2015 line-up. What can we expect from your Grietfest 2015 set?

You can expect a progressive, high energy Liquid Drum & Bass set. Lots of melodies with deep basslines and varying rhythm patterns. It’s probably the most important set of my life because I’m opening for the Drum & Bass legend, Friction.

The Grietfest 2015 lineup is absolutely incredible this year. Which act are you looking forward to seeing most and why?

I am looking forward to Friction. He has been an incredible DJ and producer for so many years. He has a holistic understanding of Drum & Bass and he has been such an inspiration to me.

Cape Town vs Pretoria vs Johannesburg. Which is your favourite city to play in and why?

It’s a tough one, I love Cape Town for the beauty, Pretoria for the chilled, goodhearted people. But if I had to choose, Johannesburg will be my favourite city, because of the sheer number of people in the scene, the love and enthusiasm that the people jam with is incredible as well as the deep friendships formed over the years.

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