They’re the real reason we know about the year 1985. They’ve been instrumental in breaking the news that high school never ends. They’ve even helped teach an entire generation of kids how to locate Frankenstein’s brain and drive their sisters insane.

We chatted to Bowling For Soup ahead of their Sunday the 1st of April (and no this is not a joke) performance at Lush Festival in Clarens.

It’s been 24 odd years since the inception of Bowling For Soup, and I’m sure you’ve been through a literal ton of things. But is there anything specific that stands out from the last 24 years that has  been especially memorable?

There really are too many to mention. We often talk about our first tour in the UK as being one of those moments. You know, first time to leave our country. But honestly, we were just as excited the first time we left our hometown! We are easy to please I guess.

I remember listening to ‘The Bitch Song’ as a kid growing up and thinking that this was so applicable to life :’D Can you guys remember the specific intention/ motivation behind this track?

Oh absolutely! I remember where I was sitting and what I was wearing when I wrote it! It’s a song about two girls in particular. I made it about two girls so that if one ever asked me if it was about her, I could say “no” and be telling the truth!

You’ve (obviously) been wanting to come to SA for a long time, what are you expecting from the SA crowds, and what can the SA crowds expect from Bowling For Soup?

It is a clean slate for us! We have absolutely NO idea what to expect! OR if people will even know who we are!! And from us, the peeps can expect the most fun show ever! That’s what we do!

There are going to be a lot of die-hard BFS fans in the crowd at the festivals that you’re playing; what mix of old vs new music will you performing?

It will be a good mix, but mostly the show will revolve around the bigger hits. So the 2003-2009 area. With the odd one throw in on either side!

Is there anything you’ve never been asked before in an interview that you just feel like you should tell the whole wide world?

I have never been asked if I have ever stolen a car. And the answer is yes. I stole a car from a Valet stand in Houston one time to make my band mates laugh…I got it back before anyone noticed. Around the block. No arrests! BOOM!

Catch Bowling for Soup at Lush Festival 2018


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