We chatted to Mamelodi Lager ahead of Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018. Check out what they had to say.

Hey guys, how did you get into beer and brewing?

I have always had an interest for beer. Spent a couple of years in Cape Town and the need to have our own (Mamelodi-geared) beer was fueled by the number of breweries down there. Our flagship lager was inspired by its people’s love and passion for their home. The love that the people of Mamelodi have for their home is quite amazing. You see it most when you are away from home.

I am paying homage to our township. Our logo and beer label puts it into perspective – it tells a story of who we are.

Mamelodi, our home. Mamelodi lager, our beer.

How many years have you been part of the Capital Craft Beer Festival?

We are the new kids on the block!

How are you planning on adding to this amazing experience?

With more than 40 offerings on the day, we plan to showcase our lager with a team of 10 or so people who have been on this journey (Mama included) from day one. They will be wearing branded Mamelodi Lager apparel and will be walking around with complimentary drinks for tasting.

If you could only ever drink one more beer, what would it be?

I am hoping it is a summer’s day in Tshwane, a cold 440ml pint of our Mamelodi Lager would do for me.

What do you think makes your beer stand out within the Pretorian scene?

Our lager has grown in leaps-and-bounds, considering that it is about 6 months old, and it has a distinct taste and a presentation (look and feel) that is unlike any other beer available today in Pretoria… Our hops bring in a nice balance of the aroma and flavour.

P.S. Big shout out to all the outlets/eateries that have adopted and keep stocking up our lager. More especially the venues in Mamelodi venues, the Spar Tops in the Pretoria East and Centurion region, African Beer Emporium, Fumo and Priva… We are gaining moment and adding on the list of outlets.

Find out more about Mamelodi Lager by clicking here

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