Our Friends caught up with DJ, Producer and the man behind the Do Work Record Label, Das Kapital at Grietfest this year.

Right, let’s talk about your album and how it’s giving a platform to upcoming artists in South Africa.

The Overtime album consists of me taking people that I have been co-managing and managing and putting out tracks from them. It’s a development for guys like D_know, Hendrik Joerges, Tyron Woods and Phizicist. It’s an opportunity for them to release music that’s a statement of intent, as we’re releasing wholly South African music. I’m putting my name on the album to go yes, I curated this but I’m also releasing an old track of mine that says here’s me, but also here’s what’s going on around me. At the same time I’m also doing an album for Top Billin, a label in Finland, which is a taste of South Africa. The Overtime album is also the pre-launch for the sub-label I’m launching, Sebenza; which is a label I’m launching underneath Do Work. Sebenza is going to be club ammunition and the key point is pulling together the net that I have built up over the years and using it to launch South African music internationally.

So, you’ve had shows for UCT Radio, Assembly Radio, and obviously your Thursday night show on 5FM. How does it feel to have a 3-hour show on Sunday night on 5FM? Where are you getting your music and what’s the inspiration behind it?

A lot of people talk about this show and say, “Oh congrats you’ve made it”, but the format of this show has existed for 3 – 4 years; whether it was the Das Kapital Radio Show on UCT Radio or the Assembly Radio show, it’s been a development of the same idea that’s all about new music first and foremost. It started out with me going to labels and being like, “Hey give me music”, and because of the support I’ve been getting from international artists, I’m now being sent world exclusives.

I’m at a point now where my show is an African parallel to the likes of BBC Radio 1 with Annie Mac, or 1extra with MistaJam where I’m getting shit at the same time as them. And this just comes from being so supportive of the international and the local scenes. All I give a fuck about is putting South Africa on the map. I’m getting shit from Europe and America coming through where I know we have the first play in the world or at the very least in Africa, that’s what matters to me, because it means that we have a competitive platform where people who take the time to listen can hear shit they are not going to hear for 6 to 8 months. I’ve made sure I have my finger on the pulse whether it be with pop music or dance music, and that I’m trying to push what’s good.

What do we have to expect from you with regards to new music?

I have a collab with Chee coming, a remix with Scuff records in Joburg coming and I’ve got a remix for Passion Fruit in the UK coming soon which has already been getting major support from the likes of Sander van Doorn which is coming out on the 9th of September (There’s the UK release and the SA release which is the remix).

There’s a 2 track EP for Night Shift Sound who I did City Back for. I have a solo track coming for Mason’s label. I have 3 tracks with Shortstraw I need to finish and I have a track with Jack Parow I need to produce. Before the end of the year there’s at least 8 songs coming out from me whether it be remixes, original mixes or co-productions. It’s probably the busiest I’ve ever been, but at the same time I’m so excited, it’s a 10am till 3am job every day and I’m happy, I feel guilty not working later than 7pm.

You’re very vocal about bringing awareness to up and coming artists. Who do you think is making a mark on the South African music industry that we need to know about?

Right now the conversation that I’ve had with a lot of people is about Chee. I know Haezer is collaborating with Chee and I’m collaborating with Chee for a two-track EP. Chee is the future of electronic production in this country, he brings to the table pure knowledge about synthesis, about crazy sounding shit. He doesn’t understand that he is the god right now. There are a lot of great people and a lot of great scenes like East London and Durban which are critically underrated. I want to make sure that everyone knows what’s going on everywhere, because I believe in so many brackets of this scene.

You’re really, really busy, if you had any free time what would you do?

Sleep. A lot of people are like, “If I had more free time I’d want to do more stuff, I feel like I don’t do enough with my life”. If I had more free time I would play PlayStation, and I would sleep. I bought Overwatch and I haven’t played that shit for two months. If I had the time I would literally take a week off and just park off on my couch, eat junk food, play Overwatch, fall asleep, wake up, play Overwatch and then go back to sleep. If I had more time I would fuck around. All my time is taken up by work in a good way and I don’t feel bad about that. I am dedicating more time to my own shit across the board and the results are showing.

Would you rather have penises for fingers or no penis at all?

Penises for fingers because at least I’d still have a penis.

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