Diamond Thug recently released their new single “Eclipsed”, which incorporates bouncing synthesizers, afro-rhythmic drum beats, perfectly placed guitars and Chantel Van T’s haunting vocals to create something truly magical.

Jess caught up with Danilo Queiros.

Eclipsed is an absolute dream, where did you draw your inspiration for this song from?

Thank you! Well I guess it’s as much of a nightmare as it is a dream. But it reflects something we can all related to, a state of being overshadowed by someone, or something. That state of feeling like you’re not really able to be who you want to be, or even who you really are due to this disruptive presence.

Musically we’ve been inspired by the cosmos and so the imagery was drawn from that space. We’ve been trying to write music that reflects sort of an eclectic celestial feeling.

Can we expect any more music in the near future from you guys, or perhaps even an album *holds thumbs* ?

Yes, finally! We’re releasing our debut album after almost 5 years as a band. It’ll be out in February next year, but we’re hoping to push out 3 more singles off of the album before then.

It’s taken really long to get to this point and I guess a lot of people ask: “why’d it take you so long to get an album out?” So I’m going to take this opportunity to explain the process that’s gone into this. When we first started it was just me and Chantel. The goal was to make experimental electronic music rooted in Hip-Hop.

Over the years Adi joined the band and after about three years Teddy joined. With each addition there had to be a rediscovery of what we wanted to create. There was always the goal of making something ‘different’, but we had no idea what ‘different’ sounded like. It’s really only been over the last year or so that we’ve felt the songs we’re writing are ones that truly reflect our character as a band.

‘Long Way’ and ‘Beauty Through the Devil’s Door’ started pushing the right sounds for us, evoking the right emotions and created a little journey within each song. This album is all about creating journeys within each song and on a bigger scale it’s about creating a story for the whole album.

We’ve actually got some things planned to try emphasise that story. We’re very excited. We may also have already started writing our second album.

Where do you guys see the band going from here? I mean you guys have already performed at SXSW (which is amazing), so what’s next on the agenda? 

Yeah SXSW was an incredible experience, but more than anything else it was a wake up call.

It showed us how difficult this industry is going to be, but it also showed us how possible it is to achieve what we want to achieve given the right work ethic and methods. We’ve been taking some big steps, but we need to turn them into leaps.

Since returning from Austin we’ve been working our butts off to get onto the European Festival circuit in 2018. We’re also trying to travel to the States again as soon as we can, we’d love to play shows on the East and West Coast. Ultimately we all want to be writing, recording and performing music for the rest of our lives and we want to do it at the highest level.

You’ve just returned from your “The Eclipsed Tour”, how did it go? 

Ah, heading up to Joburg is always a good experience for us. We played two really great shows, one in which we took over a garden in Linden with a bunch of friends and put on one of our favourite shows of the year.

We’ve been playing a lot of material off of our album, we’re actually only playing two songs off of our EP in a twelve song set. People are responding really positively to what we’re trying to do, they’re connecting with it and it’s been a great feeling to create those connections at our shows.

If I could just add to my answer part of the reason we love touring Jozi so much is that the bands on the Highveld have such a great sense of professionalism and are set on building the industry. There are band members in the audience at every show buying tickets and supporting shows. And the show’s they’re putting on themselves are incredible.

Each time we go up there’s another band who blows us away and I think more than anything the appetite for live music is growing because of it.

On a serious note, if Diamond Thug was a milkshake, what flavour would it be? 

Ooh, now we’re talking. Ted’s the milkshake connoisseur amongst us so I asked him. He says we’d be a “Rooibos, Honey and Cinnamon Milkshake”. Actually, I think you’ve inspired us to make one. I’ll let you know how it tastes.

If you could have any famous performer (dead or alive) in the band with you, who would it be? 

This question always causes the most tension in our band. We’ve got so many inspirations and idols and the list could be hundreds of names, but for today we’re all feeling Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, he’s a genius.

Listen to ‘Eclipsed’ here:


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