We’re big fans of Gangs of Ballet and we spent some time catching up with Brand Klynsmith about their latest album, “Form & Function, Part 2”.

You’re incredibly successful within the South African music industry. How do you stay grounded enough to carry on working on new music?

Well I guess that answer has got to begin with what you define as successful? It’s that elusive moving finishing line, just when you think you’re there it jumps 10km away. So I guess we are key me of always searching which makes the creation process a constant one.

Some people choose to create music to leave a legacy. What drives you to create music?

There are many reasons for what we do. A major one is how music creates a connection between people so we generally make music that works well live and creates that invisible bridge between us and the listener. It doesn’t always work, but when it does its spectacular!

We’re interested to find out how you guys work together. What is your song-making process like? 

Generally myself or Josh have a rough song idea and then we work it as a band and it becomes a band creation.

Tell us more about your new album, “Form & Function, Part 2″. What was the production process like? 

We self produced this one with the very talented Brendyn Rossouw and we really wanted to be left to our own devices on this one. There are a few singles but equally some more music for the sake of music tracks.

Which songs stands out for you on “Form & Function, Part 2″and why? 

The opening track is called The Wind and it’s this mash up of sound and groove and you can’t really pin it down. I like that it’s just music and meaning and everything in between.

You’ve already been able to achieve so much. What is your ultimate musical success?

Would love a solid overseas presence.

 Photo by Craig Scott

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