We get to know Acoustic Element.

You guys studied something so different to what you’re doing now. What is your experience of being almost self-taught musicians?

Well, the beauty is our parents instilled music into us from 6 years old. We would play our instruments in primary school, church, and throughout high school we’d do our grades in music practical and theory (through UNISA). So to a certain extent we studied music before we even realised. We did not study music at tertiary level, but here we developed our business skills and some cool creativity which made us who we are today. It’s kind of cool being seen as self-taught musicians though, because there’s less pressure to subscribe to a certain discipline, we just get to explore our instruments and abilities in fun and spontaneous ways.

How do you remain grounded in the face of so much success?

We are really good at keeping each other in check, we’re always reminding each other where we came from – playing in markets and malls – and seeing this growth has actually humbled us a lot. It’s really all about hard work, discipline, trying to getting things right every time and maintaining a standard so that we always keep our clients/listeners/fans happy.

Can you tell us more about the development of your new song, “For the Day”, with Four?

We bumped into the gents of FOUR randomly one night at Shimmy Beach Club. Amidst the party and dancing the idea of doing a song together came up. We reckoned it was a good idea and met up in the studio the next time they were in Cape Town. We had done the instrumental backtrack in the meantime, and the boys came in hot with some seriously great lyrics and harmonies. We wanted to make a song that makes you feel like taking a drive with your friends along the coast with the rooftop down on a Sunday afternoon – good vibes!

You guys can play a wide range of genres but do you have a preferred genre?

Tropical House!

When can we expect your first album?

Next month, July 2016!

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

We will be finishing up the album. Taking a bit of a winter break/getaway to Thailand. Then coming in strong and refreshed to take on some festivals, corporates and other gigs that we’re always doing. We’re also already finishing up our next single featuring a formidable SA artist who is doing some amazing things. We’re really just enjoying the ride!

Photo by Carla Correia

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