Jess caught up with Dave Poole from South African live electronic duo Goldfish, ahead of their upcoming South African Tour; to ask him a few important questions, especially about fish.

Between you and Dom you play a wide variety of instruments. Is there any instrument you wish you could play, that you don’t yet play?

It’s a case of wanting to be able to play the instruments that we play, better. I mean I’d love to play every instrument obviously, just because they’re like colour palettes its great to be able to pick up a palette and be like ooh I want that sound and be able to play and record it. As far as an instrument I’d really love to play, I suppose I’d really love to play the piano because, as un-exciting as that sounds, the piano is an amazing instrument because you can see what the sounds look like, if that makes any sense. There’s an amazing sense of being able to look down onto what you’re playing, what you’re hearing and what you’re seeing if you’re reading music. It’s a feedback loop that you don’t get when playing a melodic instrument like the saxophone because you’re not looking at your fingers and your fingers have little relation to what’s actually going on.

Okay, so you guys have traveled all over the world, what is the worst hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

Sho, the worst hotel we’ve ever stayed in is probably in Johannesburg. It was a couple of years back and somewhere in like Orange Grove. One of the guys we were playing a gig for was like “oh we’ll take you to this hotel” that he had spent some time at, but I think that was in a different era. The shower head in the bath was not attached to anything, it was like a wireless shower head and there were marks on the ceiling that looked like they could potentially be arterial splatter and there were deadbolts on the door as well. We’d be hard pressed to find a worse hotel.

Name a travel essential that you never travel without?

There’s different essentials but for air travel a memory foam head pillow that clips in the front. That’s the business because it holds your neck and you can actually sleep, and it keeps you dignified while you sleep.

So, having played all over the world to such a wide variety of people, what is really unique about playing here in south Africa?

Well firstly, we love it because it’s the first place where our music actually got out there and did something. It’s amazing. And people in South Africa actually know a lot more of our music than other people. There’s not many people in other countries that know Before the Loop, it was only with Perceptions of Pacha that things actually caught on. Its just great, we have so many awesome fans here and its just great to return home to our home country and just be in a normal environment to us, with people that talk the same way as us, know the same slang as us, we don’t have to explain ourselves.

What has been your favourite collaboration so far?

I’d have to say the Diamond Thug collaboration.

So, have you or Dom ever actually owned a goldfish?

No, not directly, but indirectly we had two goldfish that my father-in-law took care of. We got them right at beginning of Goldfish and if you watch Caught in the Loop (it had a DVD attached to it) there two goldfish, one of them is called Fatboy because he was kind of fat and like after Fatboy Slim and the other one was Batman because he had a mark like a mask. And they lived for ages.

And lastly, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done on stage?

Um I’ve just gotta find one of them. I mean you’re on stage, you’re baring it all and I guess some stuff is embarrassing for you, but the audience didn’t really notice what happened. I remember once like running on stage and I jumped on this box, not realising that somehow water had got everywhere on the box and the floor around the box and so when I jumped on the box I went skating down the stage but luckily stayed on the box and didn’t fall. It was really funny but also super dodgy because water and stages…

Catch Goldfish live at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens on the 7th of July at Oasis Presents: Goldfish in the Gardens.

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