We caught up with Josh Riley of Grassy Spark ahead of their Sunday performance at Lush festival, to ask the hard-hitting questions whose answers I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know.

This is your second time performing at Lush, what are you guys most looking forward to about your performance and the festival in general?

Just reconnecting with an audience that we seldomly perform in front of. Enjoying the unique fest that Lush is. Oh, we also have some surprises in store…We encourage everyone to be at our set – Gonna be wild! We’re on the line-up for Sunday 1 April!

I went on a long and treacherous journey to consult a world-renowned psychic. The psychic predicted that you guys might have some cool new things coming. Was the psychic on the right path, or do I need to find a new psychic?

We can’t confirm or deny what your psychic might have told you, you’ll have to come see for yourself. Sounds like a woke psychic though…

You guys have a pretty awesome band name which pays homage to the Cape Town suburb of Grassy Park. If you guys had to rename the band, taking inspiration from another Cape Town suburb, what would the new name be?

Tough question – haha…Maybe “Constantia Mommy’s Boys” – Terrible name! LOL!

Having made a song called waste of time, I image you all know a lot about wasting time, what advice would you give to up and coming time-wasters?

Quit your job and do what you love. Don’t be scared to fail; failing is fun and essential to succeeding, unless you’re failing at something you hate – I mean what’s the point? Don’t waste your time doing what you don’t love; if you have to work jobs to do it – do it. There is no greater feeling than supporting your passion; its about the journey not the end goal, and if you work hard enough, the universe will gift you.

What is your favourite song to listen to when the band road-trips? Who has the worst taste in road-trip songs?

As a band, to date, the only prominent road trip/turn up song is ‘Purple Lamborghini’ by Skrillex and Rick Ross. Naaaaa, no bad taste here! LOL.

Would you rather perform to a crowd in your underwear or have everyone in the crowd in their underwear while you perform?

Both…otherwise what’s the point?

Make sure you check out Grassy Spark live on the Main Stage at Lush Festival on Sunday the 1st of April. After all, world-renowned psychic I spoke to said it’s going to be all sorts of fun!

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