We love interviewing Haezer and we had a long overdue chat with him ahead of this month’s Park Acoustics.

You’ve worked with some incredible artists. Which collaboration stands out the most for you?

My collaboration with Bob Rifo was definitely my most exciting. I’ve also just finished a new track with Proxy which I’m very amped about!

We’ve listened to your recent sets and noticed an overall change in your sound. What has influenced the change?

Time. Time and travels and life. It’s easy to get bored of one sound and I was feeling very stagnant and uncreative. Once I started searching for sounds I want to play in my sets from other genres it become fun again and almost felt like a brand new journey.

We were incredibly proud of you when you signed up to join the greats at Kannibalen Records. What has the journey with the Kannibalen family been like?

It’s an honor being part of the Kanni fam and they have just been amazing to work with. It’s the most supportive and forward thinking label I’ve ever come across and there’s no plans to leave. It’s my home. My music and the vision of the label fits like a glove.

What’s the best part about touring in Europe? How does the European crowd differ to the South African one?

I love travelling and I love dj’ing. It can get challenging when you’re playing 3 countries in 3 days, especially if you put everything into your sets and also producing on the road. But that’s what’s nice about touring. You also get time off and I get to visit all my buddies I’ve met over the years, hang in their studios and I get to explore new places and cultures.
This is a re-occurring question, about the European crowd. It really depends on the country and even city you’re in. I think the big difference at my shows there, is the excitement in the air. Kids have taken trains for hours to come to the gig, some have flown and others had pre-drinks, listening to my tracks and arrive all amped. It’s an incredible feeling. My crowd in Europe is consistent where I see the crowd in SA changing constantly. It’s that feeling of being an international that’s the biggest difference.

On that note, what’s your favourite performance in 2015?


What does 2016 have in store for you?

Another European tour. Lots of new tracks and collaborations, including Proxy, Born I Music, The Frederik and more.

We’re really, really, really excited to see your set at Park Acoustics. What can we expect from your show?

I’m gonna test out all my new tracks and I’m also bringing my VJ with, so it’s gonna be a visual audio overload! Never mind the genres, just expect the bass…

Photo by Andre Roux

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