Hey Tim, how did you get into music?

Hey Our Friends. I’ve been an avid listener and collector of music as far back as I can remember. When I was about 10 years old, I took up drum lessons and spent a lot of time perfecting my craft. I played in a bunch of rock, indie and jazz bands in high school and took my practical and theory music as far as I could at the time. It was only in my late high school years that I developed a love for electronic music, which lead to the DJ journey that I am still on today, many years later.

What are you working on at the moment?

Aside from my day job in digital consulting, I spend a lot of my time working alongside Hot On Top founder and director, Alex Dalais, working on our forthcoming events in Johannesburg and Mauritius. We are mid-way through an exciting calendar of Summer events with the next one happening at Living Room in Johannesburg on the 10th of March.

Musically, I always find the time to source new music for gigs, both for my solo DJ sets as well as my collaborative shows with MC Miki San Tzu. I also enjoy tinkering with music instruments and production software on the rare occasion that I have some spare time.

Tell us about your experience at Hot Day Out Mauritius.

What an experience! A lot of hard work went into this boutique festival, which was a unique challenge putting together a show in a new geography for the first time. Unlike Alex, the part-time Mauritian, this was the first time that I had visited the island. Once I arrived, the stress all turned into excitement and the event couldn’t have gone better. We had around 1000 attendees with a strong local contingent, most of whom kept saying that they had never experienced a day-night festival concept quite like this one before. The music was amazing and fellow South Africans, Ryan Murgatroyd and Abby Nurock, both had memorable sets. After the show, we spent an amazing few days in paradise, experiencing the island and enjoying the surroundings. I can still feel the excitement looking back at the official aftermovie.

Have you had any life-defining moments recently? (Where you just stood back and said: “Hell yeah, I love what I’m doing.”)

For me, being able to simultaneously flex my left brain and right brain through work and music has been a life-defining experience in itself. But yes, I guess that there are certain moments of magic in the music that really bring a lot of joy to my life. DJing to a full Electro Dome at Rocking The Daisies in 2013, hearing my very first Ultimix on 5FM in 2014, collaborating with Miki San Tzu for the first time in 2016, opening for the world-renowned Claptone in 2017 and, most recently, playing my first ever international show in Mauritius in 2018. So as you mentioned, hell yeah, I love what I’m doing. ;)

What do you think you can continue adding to South Africa’s music/party scene?

More smiles on more dancefloors is the goal for me. The combination of beautiful music, location and people is core to the Hot On Top brand and we work hard to create memorable environments for our attendees to enjoy a weekend escape from Jozi’s hustle and bustle. We have some great friends and partners in Cape Town and Pretoria who we look forward to collaborating with to bring some pipe-dream international acts to South Africa. Something to look forward to!

Keep your friends close and your residents closer. (Complete the sentence) ß This one is all about our beloved Hot On Top resident DJ’s who have grown with our brand and created the most special moments on our dancefloors. Shout out to OG Chocolate, Abby Nurock, Carly, Kandja and Alex Dalais, from yours truly, Headphase.

Lastly, what are you most excited about for Mieliepop?

This will be my first Mieliepop and I have only ever heard good things. It sounds a lot like Mieliepop are one of the few promoters in SA who are truly nailing the boutique, multi-genre festival format. I’m excited to go camping with my friends, see some familiar acts and some that I’ve never heard of, but most of all, I’m excited to play some groovy poolside jams alongside the Hot On Top crew on the Saturday.

Photo by: Henk Steyn

Photo by: Hot On Top / AVS (Mauritius)

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