Holly will be performing at this month’s Park Acoustics. We caught up with them before the show to find out what’s what!

Tell us more about you. How have you landed up being on Park Acoustics’ final line-up for 2016? In other words, what has your musical journey been like up until this point

My music journey until this point has been a dream that i don’t want to wake up from!

You’ve already played in some of the biggest Portuguese Festivals, toured Australia, and played in the USA all by the age of 22. Is this a dream come true, or did you think you would be doing something else?

For me, a dream is an utopia that you will never achieve, thats what makes you always fighting and battling with you day by day. Its something that would be hard to believe when i was younger but, i try to avoid the most i can the things i’ve been doing so i can concentrate the most i can on my goals and things to do in the future.

What kind of set can we expect from you at Park Acoustics?

Show up and you’ll know!

Other than music-related stuff, what do you want to get out of 2017?

Happiness, being healthy and having my family with me above everything.

Complete the sentence. Africa is…

A new world that i want to discover.

What would you say are the must-have items for anyone interested in producing high-quality music? And what would you say are the bare necessities for those who are budget conscious.

I don’t feel there’s any quality music. Every music is a form of expression that doesn’t have to be judge. Its your vision of the world so how can be that a good or bad thing? Just be honest with you, look for your self love and show it to the world. Don’t take any advices from no one, just focus on your goals.

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