We’re interviewing a few of the acts performing at Grietfest 2014 this year. Our final one in the series is with BenSon, a long-standing, Johannesburg-based, Drum and Bass DJ.

DYD: Tell us about your act and how you began. We want to hear about your sparking source of inspiration to do music and your motivating drive to do it well.
BenSon: I fell in love with Drum and Bass music long before I knew that it was played in parties. The music spoke to my soul in a way that nothing else had. When I went to my first Drum and Bass party at Carfax, I had already built up quite a collection of tunes. But going to the parties taught me the dancefloor side of Drum and Bass and when I started DJing, I wanted to incorporate the emotive and dramatic side to the dancefloor. That is why I play Liquid Drum and Bass. It’s Dancefloor Drum and Bass that retains the emotions and the musicality.

DYD: What do you think of Johannesburg’s music scene? We’d like to expand this question and ask how you think Johannesburg fits in South Africa’s music scene as a whole.
I truly love the Johannesburg music scene at the moment. I think there is more diversity in the audience. The appreciation for Drum and Bass and other ‘underground’ genres of music is growing rapidly. Therefore music producers and DJs can explore and experiment more with the music. This will (hopefully) grow the music scene in South Africa because more producers can get involved in the scene and really push the boundaries in their production.

DYD: Do you have a favourite performance? Where was it and why is it a favourite?
My favourite performance was at the previous Twilight. My set time was at sunset. I really love that transition from day to night, especially at that venue (Hornbill Lodge, Magaliesburg).

DYD: What can we expect from your Grietfest 2014 performance?
I’ll be playing very uplifting, Liquid Drum and Bass with deep basslines and a slight harder edge to it.

DYD: Who is your favourite act on the Grietfest 2014 line-up?
Definitely Black Sun Empire!


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