DYD: Can you tell us how you chose your band name to be Coelacanth?
Coelacanth: Gareth came up with the name. It’s kind of a reference to the history of the Coelacanth fish that was thought to have gone extinct in the late Cretaceous period only to be rediscovered in 1938 off the coast of South Africa, symbolising our attempt at a revival of old school real acoustic music, as well as reminding folks that genuine and honest music will never go extinct.

DYD: Tell us a bit about Coelacanth and how it came to be.
In a way it’s always been a project in the making between myself, Gareth Wilson and Jaco Mans for a while now. We’ve been sharing stages in our respective groups (SGQ, Black Cat Bones, Tidal Waves) for the past ten years or so, and finally decided that it was time to give birth to what is now known as Coelacanth.

DYD: How did you settle on your acoustic/vocal set-up?
First order of business was to write some basic acoustic material and then to see how that would translate in a full band setup, but after the first couple of songs came to be, it was clear that we were heading for a stripped-down sound, focusing on vocal harmonies as well as a weaving effect on the guitars.

DYD: Where do you get inspiration for your songs and how does your music writing process work?
We literally had to go and dig out a lot of the song parts from our sonic archives (if you will) and depending on what we were listening to at the time, merged it together in an attempt to form a sound that would be current as well as reflective of the music we grew up with.

DYD: How was your recent performance at the STRAB Music Festival?
STRAB has always been good to us with regards to all the different projects and performances we’ve done there over the past ten years. With this being only our second show we were however a little skeptic of how we were going to be received, but the audience related very sincerely to what we set out to achieve and we were pleasantly surprised by their reaction.

DYD: On that note, what can those at Park Acoustics expect from your performance?
Coelacanth: Genuine, honest, ‘outlaw-folk’ music.

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