We got to spend some time interviewing Diamond Thug ahead of their Park Acoustics performance.

DYD: Can you tell us how the band was formed? We know of Chantel as a solo artist but we’re interested to find out how Diamond Thug was started by Chantel and Danilo. How did Adrian join the band?
Danilo: I watched Chantel singing for La Vi at Synergy a few years back, I studied with the guy she was dating at the time and turned to him and said: “I’m in love with your girlfriend”. After the show he introduced us and I asked Chantel if she wanted to make rap music, she said yes and that’s how this all began. Never got around to making much rap music though!
Adrian: I watched their first live gig at a YOH! party at The Assembly. I enjoyed what they did and after the show I asked them if they needed a guitarist, Danilo replied: “No, but you can play drums for us.”
Danilo: ..and now he’s playing guitar!

DYD: How would you describe your music?
We keep hearing indie-pop or indie-electronic rock and the like. It’s so hard to label a sound though, especially when you’re so influenced by multiple genres. Each of us have different musical preferences and backgrounds, so we meet somewhere in the middle. As a band we try to write songs that provide a solid rhythmical base for Chantel’s vocals, with a few catchy melodic riffs here and there.

DYD: What has been the response to your latest single, What I Think I Know?
 So far it’s been great! It was featured as Indieshuffle’s Track of the Day, as well as recommended by Darryl Torr for Unkovr.

DYD: You’ve just kicked off your nationwide tour with Thor Rixon. How has it been so far?
 So far so good! Although so far we’ve only played in Cape Town, a venue about 200m from Chantel’s house, so we don’t really feel like it’s started yet. We’re off to Durban on Wednesday (19 November) to play a DJ set at The Winston on Thursday and a live set at Cool Runnings on the Friday, before getting to play with The Brother Moves On and Bye Beneco at Arcade Empire in Pretoria on Saturday! We’re so stoked to see the country and share the stage with such incredible local acts!

DYD: Can you slip us an interesting tour story from any of your tours?
There may or may not be some road art with our name on it along some of the routes we’ve travelled.

DYD: What would your ultimate musical success be?
 To be able to support ourselves and make a career out of music.

DYD: What can we expect from your Park Acoustics performance?
Chantel: It’ll be fun! We don’t get to come up to Gauteng that often, but when we do, we like to have a real good time! We’ll dance, you can dance too! Otherwise you can sit at the back and just listen.

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