This is Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives, a daring group of musicians that are telling catchy stories with their Afro-Funk.

DYD: Tell us about the group and its path from its start to present day.
Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives: This is an organic story of a quest to play music with scant disregard for genre or era as it may be categorized by the industry. It is with this in mind that I decided to put a group together with a bunch of youthfully daring, capable, adventurous and fulfilled musicians. It has been about a year from its inception and we have an album ULTRA NATIVES out and a string of acclaimed live shows behind us. We are at the moment setting up a Southern African tour to take this industry-free approach to exciting music expression out to the people. We are unmistakably African in sound but as Ultra Natives we like to transcend the borders of the continent. The album and live show is a series of delightfully energetic surprises that crosses and mixes genres freely while telling entertaining and catchy stories.

DYD: Your music is a merging of fun and informative, pure groove with a story to tell, how did you form this unique style?
Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives: 
How did we form this unique style? Part of the answer for this lies in the previous answer, but more can be said of the days when musicians created music with hands on instruments and few electronic/digital tricks, loops, samples etc. Most of all without being dictated to by the industry about what they should sound like to be in. It has deteriorated over the years to a point where musicians have lost control over their own art and the regurgitation of styles as defined by the genre system. This shouldn’t be seen as a style but rather an open approach to making entertaining and happy music that stimulates movement in the players and audience till they become one.

DYD: Your music takes a lot of influence from the afro-funk outfits of the past, what led you to make music in this style, rather than pursue a more modern sound? Which acts influence you?
Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives: 
We are the continually new modern …modern is already old. We have no particular influences except the look of connected excitement movement and smiles on our audiences faces.

DYD: What can people expect from your live performances?
Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives: 
 People can expect some great stories told with driving rhythms, beats and catchy take away melodies. But then again …expect to be surprised at the fun and freedom of our approach.

DYD: What would you like people to take from your music?
Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives: 
We’d love to break down the partitions between the various genres allowing them to mix and continually regenerate as a new music in the ears and hearts of the audiences who have been blissfully unaware of their being trapped in a compartmentalized genre system.

DYD: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to all the good people reading this?
Greg Georgiades & Ultra Natives: T
o all you good people reading this…COME HAVE SOME FUN WITH US!

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