We got to interview Maps Maponyane because of Grant Whiskey’s Stand Together competition. He remains down to earth despite being voted as GQ’s second best dressed man and Cosmopolitan’s Sexiest Man of 2013. He credits his father for his success. Entries close today and you can find out more details about the R60000 fan experience by clicking here.

DYD: We understand that Stand Together means acknowledging the people who have inspired and helped you on your journey to success. How did your father inspire you along your journey?
Maps Maponyane: My father inspired me along my journey firstly by simply being there and secondly by being the man he is that has experienced an inspirational journey. He is a man who came from very little and through knowing what he loved, believed and was willing to work for he was able to achieve a lot. Nothing comes easy and if it’s important to you then you need to put in the work.

DYD: Part of this amazing prize will see the winner and their friends styled by you. How did you develop your style and what advice would you give to someone struggling to find their own style identity?
Maps Maponyane: I developed my style from the people I was surrounded by from a young age, especially my mother who is always impeccably dressed. I used to see my grandfather go to church in his Sunday best and I’d want to be in a suit. So that’s sort of where it all started for me. My advice would be to wear clothes that fit, and to use trends merely as a guideline by choosing what works for you and not replicating the current fashion trends. You also know what you like so find it and be comfortable, it’s easy to see through anyone that’s uncomfortable in their clothes.

DYD: If you could experience a VIP night with any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?
Maps Maponyane: It would be… Jimi Hendrix or Jay Z.

DYD: What drink will you try not to drop during the night?
Maps Maponyane: A glass of Irish Car Bomb.

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