We got to interview the New Academics ahead of their Halloween 2014 performance.

DYD: So tell us a bit about the New Academics. How did you guys meet and what made you decide to make epic music together?
New Academics: Dave and I started the band way back when we were still living in Cape Town. We met via some music activities we were involved in during our high school years and our friendship carried on after school through varsity. After years of mucking around together making depressing instrumental music in my bedroom, we started to experiment with some different genres and next thing we had New Academics. It was fun and people seemed to find it tolerable, so we continued, and here we are now.

DYD: Can you tell us a bit about the evolution of your sound? We’ve seen references to groove-orientated rock and electronic offerings.
New Academics: In the early days we were heavily influenced by hip-hop, such as the Beastie Boys and Fun Lovin’ Criminals, as well as a wide array of rock bands, heavier music and early electro ala Depeche Mode. Certainly, as the years have gone by, we’ve become exposed to electronic and dance music, which is increasingly starting to filter into our sound (see new album due for release next year). But at its core it’s still groove oriented rock music, and always will be – with a touch of other genres here and there.

DYD: Can we have any hints as to what you will come dressed as for Halloween 2014 at !Arcade Empire?
New Academics: Hints? Well, just think: “Huge tentacles, childhood inoculations, yellow (with splashes of mauve) and belly button fuzz” and you’ll most probably have it.

DYD: What can we expect from your Halloween 2014 performance at !Arcade Empire?
New Academics: Well, hopefully faithful live renditions of songs off of our two albums to date. High energy groove music. Fun and games. Four tall, beautiful men enveloped in a cloud of stage smoke.

DYD: Tell us about your favourite performance to date.
New Academics: 
Well, of the shows that we’ve done this year I’d say that it’s a toss-up between our first ever !Arcade Empire show and our set at Park Acoustics recently.  Both absolute humdingers, great people in the audience showing their support, wonderful experiences for us.

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