We talked to ShortStraw about their latest album, YouthlessYouthless can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

DYD: Your latest album, Youthless, is described as a new sound direction for you guys. What has changed about your sound? What has been upgraded? What has been left behind?
We kinda like us as a band, so we didn’t stray too much from our previous releases. We’ve all grown as individuals and as musicians, so while there are some familiar sounds, we did try some completely new things, and there a couple of songs on the album that you might not immediately think is us, so there are a few surprises.

DYD: Heaps Keen from your upcoming album, Youthless, was recently released and we’ve been loving it. What would you like listeners to really take from that song?
Well for us, we wrote that song as a kinda homage to our Ozzi friends in Dune Rats and Jungle Giants. We love ’em cos they have that same sensibility as us: uncomplicated, simple and catchy. Heaps Keen is all that, with a little bit more bite than everyone is used to hearing from us.

DYD: Has the material for Youthless been inspired from personal experience? If so, what advice would you give to people struggling to find ways to stay young?
It’s almost impossible to not write this sorta stuff without getting personal. Staying young is mostly a mental thing, isn’t it? You can put on a shirt and tie from 9 to 5 but it doesn’t stop you collecting toys, watching cartoons, or trying to finally finish the boss level in Super Mario brothers. Just embrace what you loved when you were too young to care and you’ll find a special naivety that just makes you feel at home.

DYD: What kind of audience response are you looking for when Youthless is out?
ShortStraw: We want our fans to know that we’re growing up with them.  We worked really hard on this album, and it’s always difficult to actually know what we have until it’s unleashed into the world, but we hope people take it in as graciously as they did the previous one.

DYD: Plans for 2015?
ShortStraw: Gigs gigs gigs. Playing live is the greatest thing ever, so we’ll be doing lots of that. Hopefully some international stuff as well, but we’ll have to see.

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