We spoke to ISO ahead of their Park Acoustics performance.

You just finished your Progressive Tour. How was that experience?

We really enjoyed going back to our more progressive sound for the tour, it was also the first tour for our new drummer, Nic, and we enjoyed watching him grow as the tour progressed. South Africa is such a beautiful country and we got to perform in the Cape Peninsula for our last show of the tour which was a perfect way to wrap it up.

You’re back to writing your new album. Can you give us any hints about the upcoming album and perhaps where you’re trying to take the band?

We are in the creative process now, we aren’t trying to take the band anyway in terms of composing. We want to write music that comes naturally and that we enjoy, so we don’t have a predetermined sound. We all like a more progressive song writing style because it challenges us, so I do feel our new songs will pull towards a more musical style than a style that everyone has heard over and over again.

Who would you like to work with in terms of band collaborations? Name one South African act and one international one.

Personally I would like to work Jeff Lynne, he is somewhat more of a producer now but he was the singer of ELO. He has written for The Beatles, Tom Petty, Regina Spektor, Bryan Adams and many more. He is also the guy who sued Sam Smith for “Stay With Me” for copyright, which he won. I really like specific musicians in South Africa, I don’t think in terms of a specific band there is one I want to work with but definitely a lot of musicians I have seen in certain bands that have stood out and would be awesome to collaborate with.

Do you have a favourite performance? Where was it and what happened?

We have had so many amazing shows but the ones that have stood out are all the arenas we did in Germany, Rocking the Daisies, Ramfest opening for The Foals and Biffy Clyro, and performing in Cape Town as the opening act for John Newman.

What can we expect from your upcoming Park Acoustics performance?

We always love playing in the city we grew up in, and our fans in Pretoria are awesome so the show will be full of energy and vibe. We also played at the first ever Park Acoustics so it is also an event that we are excited to return to perform at.

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