Capital Craft Beer Festival is once again taking place this year with 8000 beer and music lovers congregating in the beautiful natural scenery offered by the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. What is the most exciting part for you, as a brewery, about this festival?

For us it’s just amazing to see how the CCBF have grown through the years. Every year seems to be bigger and better! It’s also great to meet and interact with other breweries across the country.

How many years have you been a part of the Capital Craft Beer Fest?

This is our first year at the festival. After being to each one held we are very exited to be on the other side pouring this year!

What’s different about your beer/ brewery that makes it stand out to the Pretoria Crowd?

What makes us different is that we are four friends that grew up together and through the years realized that we all had one common interest. Beer! So we have an awesome time together sharing our beers and learning more and more about craft beer industry together. We all super keen to be at all the events and Beer fest’s. So if you come the Leaky Tap tent you will meet the Brewers themselves pouring you a beer. We all enjoy meeting people and will always take time out to get advice from our customers or share our story with them.


Where can we find out more about you?

Thanks! Our mission is to make beer that people can enjoy all day we work on recipe’s until we create the perfect combinations of hops and grains so our clients come back for more! If they do we know we’ve reached our goal and will continue to make great beers for everyone to enjoy!  You can search Leaky Tap Brewery on all media platforms to find us. And come and enjoy our beers at Capital Craft!

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