We caught up with Leechi ahead of his Grietfest 2015 set. We saw him live in Pretoria years ago. It’s really been a long while.

We last saw you in Pretoria ages ago. Can tell us about how your music has been developing over the years?
Woah, things have changed a lot, a lot, a lot. Last time there I was 17 haha.

We’re pretty excited to see you on the Grietfest 2015 line-up. What can we expect from your Grietfest 2015 set?
Some music I’m into at the moment and maybe a few unreleased tracks.

You’re playing a pretty early set. How are you going to engage with the crowd to get them moving?
Just gonna’ do my thing, hopefully people will dig it. Either way I’ll be dancing a lot.

The Grietfest lineup is absolutely incredible this year. Which act are you looking forward to seeing most and why?
Andy Islands because he’s great. Chee. because his sound design and production game are on point.

Cape Town vs Pretoria vs Johannesburg. Which is your favourite city to play in and why?
I love Cape Town because it’s home, so playing here is usually pretty intimate. Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience with Pretoria/Joburg, but I remember playing at Kitchener’s was fucking great. I really really liked the vibe that night.

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