We caught up with LUMA ahead of Psych Night & Vans present: Endless Daze. Here’s what they had to tell us. 

LUMA is a collaborative effort between numerous artists; how do you adapt to include their different styles, while still keeping LUMA’s distinct, ethereal sound?

Every collaborator has added their unique sound over a song I have already created or written. So it is easy to keep the LUMA sound distinct and consistent.

There are so many positives to collaborating with other artists but what, in your opinion, has been one of the biggest difficulties?

There have only been positive outcomes of each collaboration but maybe the only difficulty has been making sure everyone is available. And this goes for live performances as well… sometimes I have to turn down shows because the other artists are unavailable.

You previously played in Bye Beneco and with Sol Gems before embarking on your solo career; what have been the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of going solo?

The most difficult part is not having a stable band or group to bounce ideas off. The encouragement of having a group around you can be really encouraging and pushes you to constantly churn out work. The most challenging part is therefore staying motivated and keeping momentum. I have really struggled with this year after going completely solo.

With so many artistic influences coming and going with the various collaborations, what has been a consistent source of influence for you?

The consistent source of influence for me is keeping it simple and organic. Every song starts off with simple ideas on the my keyboard and always grows from there. Another consistent aspect is that I have always worked with the same amazing producers, Alex Leeu and Thor Rixon. Their sounds have also heavily influenced the project.

You’re playing alongside Mpumi Mcata and Tshepang Ramoba from BLK JKS and Motel Mari, what can we expect from your performance at Endless Daze this year?

Yes! I can’t wait, I don’t often get to play with them but when I do something just clicks and the set flows with such ease. So I am excited to play this set, where it will be more instrumental than last year. I feel totally honoured to be able to perform and work with them. They are some of the top musicians around and are a pleasure to work with. I think the chemistry will shine through our performance.

As LUMA thrives off collaboration, which South African artist/s would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

There are so many!! Mantle Ribane, Nicci Saint Bruce, Amy Ayanda, Petite Noir, Siya Makuzeni the list goes on and on…

Something that stands out about LUMA is of course your amazing style. What is one fashion item that is festival essential in your opinion?

Wow, thank you so much, that is so cool to hear that I am stylish hahaha. I love bright colours and eccentric jewellery. It is so important to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, so anything out there that’s also comfy. I love expressing myself through my clothing, and find a lot of inspiration from my friends, mom and my style icon Frida Kahlo. An essential item is an over sized coat, doc martins (or boots) sun glasses and a moon bag!!

What can we expect from LUMA in the future? Will you be releasing some music?

Definitely, definitely releasing new music, along with music videos, more collaborations, and more tours. 2019 looks very exciting, I’m ready to put a lot of stuff out there

Catch LUMA at Endless Daze

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