We speak to upcoming artist, Majozi. He’s from Durban and makes incredible folk music. Listen to The Riverwhich received commercial success on radio stations.

DYD: How do you stay humble in the face of all your success? You just seem to be blowing up everywhere and we’re sure that things can get a bit hectic.
Majozi: I’m not sure that I’m that humble or successful, but I guess I just try and be myself and be more considerate of others. Things are hectic at the moment, but I draw strength from God and my friends are always helping me.

DYD: You have been musical from the time you were a child. Did you have full support from your family to follow your dreams?
Majozi: My family wasn’t against it and they supported me when it came to the time, but none of us actually thought that I would have music as my career.

DYD: We like that you’re defining the Durban music scene. What would you like to say to young people in your area trying to follow your path?
Majozi: Ha ha I would say don’t follow my path. Make your own. There are so many experienced artists in Durban who are willing to help youngs guys and give them advice. Get ahold of me or them. Listen to them, and be humble. Ultimately people want something new and fresh, and being yourself is the best way to do that. The world doesn’t need more of the same artists. They need you!

DYD: How has the response to your new EP been? How did you want your audience to receive it?
Majozi: It’s been awesome so far. People have been really nice and I’m stoked. I’m not sure how I wanted people to receive it, I guess I just wanted everyone to be able to dance and sing along. It seems to be happy so I’m so happy.

DYD: What would your ultimate musical success be?
Majozi: Building on orphanage one day from the money I make in my career and winning a Grammy.

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